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‘Sister Wives’ Season 18: Meri Brown’s Redemption Storyline Line Was the Surprise Element The Show Needed



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Meri Brown and Kody Brown’s marriage has been dead for a decade, but Meri is just now coming to terms with it. Her sudden realization have fans tuning in each week.

Meri Brown entered season 18 of Sister Wives with a few fans. While most viewers appeared to connect with Christine Brown’s divorce storyline, they continued to lambast Meri Brown for remaining in a loveless marriage. As season 18 wore on, something changed. Meri Brown has developed her own fan base the more she sticks up for herself. If you think about it, her redemption storyline is the surprise element that season 18 needed to succeed. 

Meri Brown became the unlikely hero of ‘Sister Wives’ season 18 

Meri Brown’s redemption storyline is not one that Sister Wives fans expected. When season 18 opened, Meri seemed committed to her hopeless plural marriage. Her unwavering support of Kody had not endeared her to Sister Wives fans in the past, and by the opening of season 18, viewers were largely tired of hearing her insist she still had “hope” for her loveless spiritual union. 

Meri Brown and Kody Brown look at each other with concern in an early season of 'Sister Wives'. Their marriage may have already been on the rocks.

Something changed along the way. Meri finally appeared to gain an understanding of where her relationship with Kody Brown was and what she needed to do for her peace of mind. Meri grew snarky in her confessionals and seemed to subtly call out both Kody and Robyn Brown during her brief interactions with them. 

Meri called Kody out for his new signet ring. She expressed how a lack of communication from Robyn Brown made her feel, and she decided to move away from Flagstaff to reclaim her own life. Meri even warned Robyn Brown about how quickly the security in a marriage to Kody Brown can evaporate. Sister Wives fans are here for it, and Meri Brown’s season 18 redemption storyline might be the best part of the season. 


Is that what the show needed to survive another season? 

Sister Wives fans have been questioning whether or not the show would survive much longer for several seasons. Christine Brown’s divorce breathed new life into Sister Wives, leading to high viewership through seasons 16 and 17. By the time season 18 aired, however, Christine’s divorce was old news. Once again, fans wondered how long it would continue. 

'Sister Wives' season 18 stars Meri, Kody, Robyn, Janelle, and Christine Brown.

Before the season premiere, fans theorized that Janelle Brown’s separation would take centerstage. While it was important to the overall success of season 18, the storyline was relatively lowkey, and the drama was minimal. Meri Brown’s metamorphosis began late in season 18, and it feels like that’s the big storyline of the season. It could easily take the series through another season. All told it feels like Meri Brown’s shocking 180 is what the series really needed for another season to be even marginally worthwhile. 

While TLC has yet to reveal whether season 19 is greenlit, that is not uncommon. The network generally announces renewals just weeks before a season premiere. Christine Brown, however, revealed season 19 will be happening in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Meri Brown could have a big storyline coming up. 

Source: Cheat Sheet

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