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‘Sister Wives’ Star Christine Brown Says Robyn Brown Never Pursued Her Friendship but Admits, ‘I Would’ve Rejected Her Friendship Anyway’



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Christine Brown has no interest in friendship with Robyn Brown and apparently she never did. The ‘Sister Wives’ star recently revealed that sh would have rejected Robyn’s friendship no matter what.

Now that Sister Wives is in its 18th season and most of Kody Brown’s marriages have ended, the family is pulling back the curtain. The wives who have left the plural marriage behind, in particular, are starting to dredge up the past, pointing out key moments from the disintegration of their plural marriage. Christine Brown is taking Sister Wives fans back to Las Vegas, explaining exactly why she has no relationship with Robyn Brown. In the most recent episode, Christine said that Robyn did not seek out her friendship, as she claimed, but that it wouldn’t have mattered even if she did. 

Robyn Brown doesn’t understand why Christine Brown never wanted to be her friend 

Jealousy is common in polygamy. It was a common theme in the Brown family long before TLC came knocking. Most of the wives admit that. While the family attempted to present a united front during the show’s earliest seasons, that fell apart quickly. Now, fans are being treated to different perspectives on jealousy and friendship among sister wives by the four women Kody Brown married. 

In the Sept. 17 episode of Sister Wives, Robyn Brown opened up about her desire to be friends with Christine Brown early in her marriage. She insisted she sought to develop a friendship with Christine while they lived in Las Vegas. She went on to say it never took root despite repeated attempts. 


Christine insists that isn’t how she remembered things. The mother of six said Robyn did not try to create a close relationship with her when she first entered the family. She certainly didn’t try to foster a friendship in more recent years, when the family argued for months over coronavirus (COVID-19) safety protocols. 

Christine admits that she wouldn’t have accepted Robyn Brown’s friendship regardless 

While Christine Brown denied that Robyn Brown had actively sought out her friendship, it wouldn’t have made much of a difference. Despite trying to put a positive spin on most things, Christine didn’t have anything positive to say about Robyn in this particular confessional. Christine said that it wouldn’t have worked out even if Robyn had sought out her friendship. She matter-of-factly told the camera, “I would’ve rejected her friendship anyway.” 

Christine Brown and Meri Brown pose for a photo with the Brown family in Flagstaff, Arizona

Christine explained that she couldn’t trust Robyn Brown and would have never wanted to be her friend. Friendship also isn’t on the table for Christine and Kody’s first estranged wife, Meri Brown. In the episode, Christine admitted that she wasn’t a “gracious wife” to Meri. Meri and Christine both seem perfectly fine with not having maintained a relationship. 

Where are Christine Brown and her former sister wives now? 

Friendship isn’t on the table, and that seems more than fine for most members of the Brown family. There is plenty of physical space between the former plural family to ensure they never have to run into each other again. 

Christine Brown sits in front of a bookcase during a confessional on 'Sister Wives'

Christine currently lives in Salt Lake City with her fiancee, David Woolley. The duo are set to walk down the aisle next month. Salt Lake City is an eight-hour drive from Flagstaff. Meri Brown lives in Parowan, Utah, at a small bed and breakfast she purchased while actively involved with the Brown family. Her departure from Flagstaff, Arizona, will be featured in season 18 of Sister Wives. Parowan is five hours from Flagstaff and three hours from Salt Lake City. 

 Kody and Robyn Brown still live in Flagstaff with their five children. Janelle Brown maintains an apartment in Flagstaff but appears to have spent most of the summer traveling. She has spent a fair bit of time in Utah with Christine Brown in recent months. 

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