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‘Sister Wives’: Tony Padron Thanks ‘Awesome Moms’ Christine and Robyn for Being There for Mykelti’s Birth



On November 17, 2022, Sister Wives stars Mykelti and Tony Padron welcomed twin boys Archer Banks Padron and Ace McCord Padron. Mykelti’s mom, Christine Brown, was there for the birth and her father, Kody Brown’s fourth wife, Robyn Brown. Tony posts photos of the two, thanking them for being such “awesome moms.”

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Mykelti and Tony welcome twin boys Archer and Ace

Mykelti and Tony already had their hands full with their 1-year-old daughter, Avalon Asa Padron. Now their family of three is a family of five. On November 17, Mykelti was induced at a hospital at 6:30 am. Because the boys were breech, the doctor performed an emergency cesarean section. And just hours after being induced, Mykelti welcomed two healthy baby boys. Check out a photo of the new Padron additions below (via TLC):

Archer Banks arrived at 10:54 am, and Ace McCord arrived two minutes later at 10:56 am. At birth, both boys measured 19 inches long. Archer weighed 6.15 lbs, and Ace was 6.8 lbs. She revealed that they were sent home after a day in the hospital and are all doing well.

Tony thanks’ awesome moms’ Christine and Robyn for being at Mykelti’s side during the birth

After Christine divorced Kody and moved to Utah, she hasn’t had much of a relationship with Robyn, and it’s even less now that she’s no longer a sister wife. While their relationship isn’t the best, the two women were to see their issues aside and be there for Mykelti, Tony, and their grandsons. After the twins’ birth, Tony posted a tribute to all the moms supporting them. Check out the Instagram post below:

In the first picture, he is standing beside Christine and Robyn. The second photo shows Tony’s mom holding the twin boys. And the third photo shows Christine beside her daughter, still in the hospital bed. And the fourth photo in the slideshow shows Robyn holding Archer and Ace. Tony captioned the post, “Just want to Thank! Our Amazing Moms that came to help us. Y’all the best!!”

Mykelti’s close relationship with Robyn

Even during the 12+ years that Christine and Robyn were sister wives, their relationship was never close. However, Mykelti grew very close to Robyn when she first entered the family in 2010.

In Sister Wives Season 17, Mykelti asked Robyn to be present at the delivery of her first child, which she joined via Zoom. “I adore Mykleti. She came to live with me before I married Kody. And so we have a really close bond,” Robyn told the Sister Wives cameras.

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“Robyn and Mykelti have a very, very special bond,” Christine added. “When Robyn came into the family, she immediately just embraced Mykelti. And I’ll always, always love and respect Robyn for her relationship with Mykelti,” she concluded.

Sister Wives fans are divided on Robyn being there with Christine. While some aren’t fans of Robyn, they think it’s incredible that she’s continuing to support Mykelti. However, some Sister Wives fans feel that Robyn being there could be taking away from Christine’s big day as a grandma.

New episodes of Sister Wives Season 17 air Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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