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‘Sister Wives’: When Were the Season 18 Tell-All Episodes Filmed?



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‘Sister Wives’ is known for airing footage that is years old. While the tell-all episodes are closer to real-time, they are still filmed months before they air.

The Sister Wives tell-all episodes are a bit of an event for fans of the series. At the end of each season, the Browns sit down with a host to discuss family events shown to fans. It’s always been difficult to decipher when the tell-alls were filmed in relation to the actual season. Viewers finally have an answer. A fan has confirmed when the season 18 Sister Wives tell-alls were filmed. 

When did TLC film the season 18 ‘Sister Wives’ tell-all episodes? 

While the tell-all episodes are filmed after the season, and closer to the present day, they are still months old when they finally hit the airwaves. TLC nor the Browns have ever really discussed, at length, when the Sister Wives tell-all episodes are filmed in relation to the season. While it’s hard to say when previous tell-alls were filmed, one eagle-eyed fan has learned exactly when the Browns sat down to discuss season 18 of the show. 

Kody Brown speaks during the first 'Sister Wives' Tell-All episode.

According to a screenshot shared on Reddit, the season 18 tell-all episodes were filmed in July 2023. While season 18 premiered in August, the footage collected for the season is from November 2021 and November 2022. Based on that timeline, the Brown family responded to the show’s footage over a year after much of it happened. That explains why perspectives and feelings changed so drastically since the season premiere. 

The season 18 Sister Wives tell-all episodes’ filming schedule actually makes a lot of sense. Most of the Brown family was in town to celebrate Gwendlyn Brown’s wedding in July. It’s still unclear if the film crew captured footage at the rooftop reception. 


Where is the Brown family in the present day? 

While Sister Wives fans still have two tell-all episodes left before season 18 officially wraps, a lot has happened since they were filmed. Since the July filming date, Meri Brown has taken up residence in Utah. Meri spent little time in Arizona, but giving up her rental was a massive step in her journey. She owns a small bed and breakfast in Parowan, Utah, and uses it as her home base. It doesn’t appear that she has returned to Arizona for any reason. 

Kody Brown and Robyn Brown still appear to be married, but as Robyn Brown noted in the final moments of season 18, that could change at any moment. Janelle Brown still resides in Flagstaff, Arizona, but she’s not hoping for a reconciliation with Kody. Janelle told her Instagram followers that she stays in Arizona mostly because several of her children call the state home. Three of her six kids live in Flagstaff., Two others are within driving distance of the city. Christine Brown is living as a newlywed in her new home in Lehi, Utah. 

Source: Cheat Sheet


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