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Star restaurant: Landlord collects 100 euros from guests who don’t come



Nuremberg – Leave your reserved table in the restaurant without saying no, that annoys landlords. One now demands punishment for this naughtiness. At Andree Köthe, the innkeeper of the “Essigbrätlein” in St. Sebald, 100 euros are due.

The Essigbrätlein is one of Nuremberg’s culinary flagships. The Köthe restaurant has a little more than 30 seats, a seven-course menu costs 195 euros. The Essigbrätlein (Franconian for sauerbraten) has been awarded two Michelin stars.

Goods are fresh and expensive, plus staff and energy, if the announced guests don’t come, that means costs despite the loss of sales.

“No shows” is the name given to people who don’t show up in the restaurant despite a reservation. “We’ve prepared for it,” said Köthe, according to


Source: Asia Times

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