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Stuttgart: Land destroys FFP-2 masks worth 2.1 million euros



Stuttgart – The destruction of surgical masks, FFP2 masks and protective gowns with an expired expiry date caused the country damage of around 2.1 million euros.

This was announced by the Ministry of Social Affairs on Wednesday. The masks were used thermally as a substitute fuel.

According to the information, the material destroyed was 6.1 million protective masks, around 5,000 FFP2 masks and around 19,000 protective gowns. Another more than 233,000 protective gowns would expire this year.

It was not possible to donate the masks and gowns abroad, “since a minimum durability date of six or more months was required for the import,” said the ministry spokesman.

Giving the surgical masks to hospitals and nursing homes failed because they were primarily interested in FFP2 masks and not in surgical masks during the peak phase of the pandemic. (th)


Source: Asia Times

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