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Super Bowl LVII shown on massive screen in Times Square



NEW YORK — There was another big party on Sunday.

For the first time ever, you could watch the Super Bowl live in Times Square.

How much better could it get? The setup had hot dogs, hot cocoa, soda, and, of course, great weather.

TSX Entertainment was behind all it, using an 18,000 square-foot digital screen to show the game. And those in the Crossroads of the World watching were able to connect to the audio using their devices, which TSX helped everyone set up.

CBS2 met Laquita Charleston and Alexis Hawkins, who were in New York for the first time from Chicago. They were actually looking for a place to watch the game and happened to be in the right spot.

“It’s our first time, so we’re getting a lot of first times in. We’re making a lot of history and being part of some historic events,” Charleston said.


“I think it’s really cool because we don’t have a big sport event in Japan, so it’s like all the people in the States are gonna see it. So it’s gonna be a big deal,” a tourist named Mimi said.

“I think this is the epicenter of entertainment in the world, and I think what we want to try to do is kind of bring back and have other reasons for coming down here and this is one of the things to bring back,” said Nick Holmsten, CEO of TSX Entertainment.

In the East Village, there was a super soul party at Sixth Street Synagogue. Homeless shelters, food outlets, barber shops and more provided what’s called dignity bags to homeless individuals that contain personal hygiene items. New York is one of eight cities across the country hosting this Super Bowl party, which also gives haircuts, food, and just a genuine connection to those struggling with homelessness and mental health issues.

There was a lot going on in the city Sunday night in the name of good fun, and, of course, good company during the big game.   

Source: CBS


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