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‘Survivor 44’ Fans on Danny and Brandon Underestimating Carolyn, ‘Neither of Those Guys Are Winning’



Castaways have been taking risks for advantages on Survivor 44 journeys. But one journey gave castaways a different opportunity. Here is how fans reacted to Danny Massa and Brandon Cottom bonding while leaving out Carolyn Wiger.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Survivor 44 Episode 5, “The Third Turd.”]

Danny, Brandon, and Carolyn go on a ‘Survivor 44’ journey

“The Third Turd” showed Tika after the vote for Sarah Wade. Yamil “Yam Yam” Arocho was upset that Carolyn blindsided him, and Josh Wilder was mad at Yam Yam for voting for him.

Carolyn left them to go on a journey after the tribe lost an immunity challenge. She met Danny Massa from Soka, and Brandon Cottom from Ratu. They found out they got to eat a meal together at the sanctuary and possibly trade information.

“I’m worried because Josh came back with an idol from the journey that he could totally use up until the merge,” she told them. Tika was expected to go to Tribal Council that night. 


Brandon told Danny that he would love to work with him. Danny said he’d get his allies to join them at the merge. “And vice versa,” Brandon replied.

“Am I in on this? Carolyn asked. In her confessional, she said her excitement to talk to them changed once they started leaving her out.

“People like us very rarely win,” Danny told Brandon.

“I know,” Brandon replied.

Carolyn asked what he meant. Brandon said they were physical threats. Danny said their enemies would be people who are intimidated by them.

“I hope you make it through the night,” Brandon told Carolyn before laughing. 

Some ‘Survivor 44’ fans want Carolyn to take them out

The scene didn’t bode well for Carolyn’s future in the game. But Reddit showed her a lot of support.


“Oh hell no. I was rooting for Danny but wtf was that?!? The disrespect to the QUEEN of season 44 wtf…” one person wrote.

“Oh I can’t wait for when Carolyn takes both of them out in style, complete with a confessional about them not being strong enough to make it in the game,” another viewer added.

“Carolyn has a problem with people not taking her seriously. She’s got a hell of a journey ahead of her if she wants to get votes if she makes it to the end,” one person pointed out.

“Danny and Brandon finally got food in their system and forgot how to play Survivor,” a viewer joked.

Fans also made their predictions of what the clip meant about future episodes. “Carolyn is gonna prove all of these people wrong lmao,” someone predicted.

“That scene says neither of those guys are winning,” a fan claimed.

“How is someone who wears their unabashed emotions on their sleeve as much as Carolyn the person most socially aware person this season,” someone asked.


“Burn it all down Carolyn,” a commenter wrote.

Does Carolyn make it to the merge?

Carolyn returned to Tika, set on taking out Josh. That’s because, as the more athletic one, Danny and Brandon are more likely to work with him after the merge.

She told Yam Yam this to make him more of a threat. Josh then claimed he wasn’t going home because he was using his idol. But Yam Yam and Carolyn questioned if the idol was real because it looked like beads from tree mail.

Luckily for them, the tribe didn’t go to Tribal. Matthew Grinstead-Mayle left the game because of the pain of his injured arm. The teaser for the next episode shows the castaways merging into a bigger tribe, including Carolyn.

Source: Cheat Sheet


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