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Teacher shortage in Thuringia: 170 elementary schools are threatened!



Erfurt – Parents, teachers and 70,000 elementary school students in the Free State are unsettled.

According to a draft by Red-Red-Green for the new Thuringian school law, a third of the 400 primary schools is on the brink – half in rural areas. The reason is paragraph 45a, after which every elementary school is sentenced to two-track classes.

In plain language: everyone Location needs in all 4 grades at least 2 classes with 15 pupils each – so a total of at least 120. But according to state statistics, 155 elementary schools do not have that many.

Measured against the number of elementary schools in which there is only one class in at least one year, as many as 170 fail. 106 are so small that they are currently only single-trained, even in three or four cohorts.

“A frontal attack on small schools,” says CDU education politician Christian Tischner

Photo: Jacob Schroeter


CDU education politician Christian Tischner speaks of “poison for rural areas” and “frontal attack on small schools.” For example, in the Kyffhäuser district, 5 out of 12 schools are threatened – in the Ilm district 9 out of 22, in Eichsfeld 16 out of 28, in the Saalfeld-Rudolstadt district and in the Wartburg district even 60 percent. “We won’t allow that,” promises the member of parliament.

According to the draft, possible closures can only be prevented by forced merger. Means: Students would have to drive much further and meet their director and their Teacher share with other schools. How is that supposed to work with 1700 missing teachers?

Education committee head Torsten Wolf (left): “If a teacher at a single-stream primary school falls ill, this usually means that lessons have to be canceled. We are combating this with two-track systems, because the school authorities then have more leeway in distributing the weekly teaching hours.”

There are also exception rules. According to Wolf, two-thirds of the shaky candidates could stay in a single move due to lack of space, full neighboring schools, construction work or to comply with the maximum travel time (35 minutes). The rest have to cooperate.

Source: Asia Times


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