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‘Ted Lasso’ Star Jason Sudeikis Doesn’t Just Eat BBQ When He’s Home In Kansas City



Kansas City may be famous for its mouth-watering BBQ, but Jason Sudeikis has a few other favorite hot spots whenever he’s in his hometown. The Ted Lasso star once revealed that a local taco joint is one of his preferred restaurants in the city.

Here’s a peek at where Sudeikis dines when he’s not in the mood for BBQ in his hometown.

‘Ted Lasso’ star reveals his favorite restaurant in Kansas City

When it comes to food, Kansas City is easily most famous for its delicious BBQ. But in 2021, Sudeikis actually recommended a restaurant outside of the genre when the U.S. men’s national soccer team asked him for a quick suggestion. 

Taking to his Ted Lasso Twitter account, Sudeikis responded by first mentioning the most popular BBQ spots in Kansas City. For a more personalized recommendation, however, the actor brought up a restaurant called Taco Via.

“Oh boy let me think here. Well obviously you can’t go wrong with the big four, aka Joe Arthur Gate Stack,” he wrote. “But for y’all I gotta recommend Taco Via on 95th. Be sure to get the Sancho there. Has as much kick as Jadon.”

Sudeikis, who hails from Overland Park in Kansas City’s Kansas-side suburbs, is a fervent supporter of the Midwestern metropolis. Notably, his character Ted on the widely-loved TV series shares a similar enthusiasm for the city’s culture and people.

So it comes as no surprise that Sudeikis had plenty of restaurant recommendations in the city, and it’s something that the owners of Taco Via greatly appreciated. 

Taco Via owner praises Jason Sudeikis for his recommendation

Following Sudeikis’ tweet, the owners of Taco Via had nothing but good things to say about the Ted Lasso star.

In an interview with The Kansas City Star, the general manager of Taco Via, Quentin Heilman, admitted that he was surprised Sudeikis gave his restaurant a shout-out in the first place. He also stated that it clearly shows that Sudeikis is from the area as only a local would know to recommend the eatery.

“That was pretty amazing to just be mentioned on there,” Heilman shared. “Because this is a pretty local place. Only if you’ve been here would you know about it. All the advertising is word of mouth.”

Heilman reported that Sudeikis takes his children to dine at the restaurant a few times every year. During one of his visits, Sudeikis appeared almost unrecognizable with his long hair, mustache, sunglasses, and baseball hat.


Despite his altered look, Sudeikis was amiable to the restaurant staff and was happy to pose for photos with anyone who approached him. Sudeikis also has a favorite dish at the restaurant, which is a special that features a nacho, a Sancho burrito, and a taco.

Jason Sudeikis has shouted out his favorite Kansas City BBQ joints on ‘Ted Lasso’

Sudeikis’ character on Ted Lasso, which he originally created for TV commercials, also has close ties to Kansas City. In the show, Ted is a football coach from a Division II college in Kansas who accepts a head coaching position in England for a soccer league. 

Like many people in the Midwest, Ted is a lovable and sincere character who radiates positivity and embodies wholesome values. And in one episode of the show, Ted sported a shirt that left fans wondering what “Joe Arthur Gate Stack” really means.

The words are a reference to four of Kansas City’s most popular BBQ restaurants: Joe’s, Arthur Bryant’s, Gates, and Jack Stack. Sudeikis is the one who came up with the shirt idea along with his good friend, Brendan Curran. 

Season 3 of Ted Lasso is officially underway, with new episodes airing Wednesdays on Apple.


Source: Cheat Sheet

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