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Tennis: Nick Kyrgios boasts $5,000 bet



It just never gets boring with HIM.

Nick Kyrgios (27) is probably the most controversial tennis star in the world. Sometimes bullies, almost always entertainers. He provides highlights and freaks, polarizes like no other. The Australian’s games attract crowds of fans to the stadiums, and 3.5 million people follow him on Instagram.

Kyrgios is currently suffering from a meniscus injury, because of which he had to cancel the Australian Open at short notice in January. After his knee surgery, he is now undergoing rehabilitation measures and wants to fight his way back onto the court as soon as possible.

At the same time, he uses the time to entertain his followers on social networks with insights into his leisure activities. On Thursday morning (German time), Kyrgios boasted about his sports betting skills.

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The big basketball fan had bet on four NBA games last night: including the favorite victories of his favorite team, the Boston Celtics (odds 1.57), the Cleveland Cavaliers (odds 1.17) and the Miami Heat (odds 1.39). The successful foursome completed the underdog success of the Dallas Mavericks at the Los Angeles Clippers. Here Kyrgios showed a nose – the odds were 3.87. Four games, four goals!


Kyrgios posted the combination bet in his Insta story


According to the digital betting slip that Kyrgios proudly posted, he bet $500 on the NBA multiple bet – and ended up winning almost $5,000. The typical Kyrgios comment: “Easy”. He left open whether he had placed any further bets.

The question that some fans asked themselves: as an active athlete, is Kyrgios even allowed to bet?

The answer: yes. According to the ATP statutes, tennis pros are only prohibited from betting on professional tennis competitions. Betting on other sports and events is permitted. In the past, however, tennis professionals had repeatedly been temporarily banned because they had bet on tennis games in addition to other sports.

Source: Asia Times


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