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‘The Bachelor’ Season 27: Zach’s Decision to Reveal He and Gabi Were Intimate Was Selfish



The latest season of The Bachelor was fairly bland until Zach Shallcross made a not-so-smart decision during Fantasy Suite week. There was no clear villain during season 27 and though there were some arguments, most of the women got along quite well. While some think that some of Zach’s decisions were questionable (why could he not understand that Jess was upset because she didn’t get a one-on-one?) things were relatively quiet up until he shared how he and Gabi broke a rule.

Bachelor Zach didn’t keep his ‘no sex’ promise when it came to Gabi

As Fantasy Suite week began, Shallcross sat down with host Jesse Palmer to let him know that what he referred to as “sex week” would have no sex. He explained that he made the decision after speaking to former Bachelor Sean Lowe and believed it would be less complicated this way. 

Less complicated? Not exactly.

His first evening with Ariel Frenkel went as planned. They had a lovely time and slept over, but no sex. 

His second date was with Gabi Elnicki. The two privately decided not to follow his “rule” and were intimate. It was a “beautiful moment” and there were no regrets from the couple.

Shallcross then made the solo decision that he needed to be honest and share the news with his next Fantasy Suite date Kaity Biggar. 


He first broke his revelation to Gabi who looked completely blindsided and horrified that he was now sharing their intimate moment, not only with Kaity but with the entire country. 

She felt that their night was private and she was not expecting him to make it public. His decision was selfish. 

How did Kaity Biggar react to the news?

While sitting in the rain, Zach broke the news to Kaity, “I would never lie to you … I have been intimate this week. It was a decision between us that made sense to kind of further the relationship.”

Kaity was not exactly happy about the news and told him, “I just figured that was the case but you just telling me – like confirming – I get that you wanted to tell me and you’re saying that you respect me but I honestly could have went without hearing that.”

She was in tears and said, “I’m not happy so I’m not gonna pretend like I’m happy. It’s weird.”

She later admitted in a confessional, “Well, I’m crushed.”


Zach decided not to share the news with Ariel, who was sent home having no idea what happened. 

Was Zach just trying to be honest?

Bachelor Nation was not very happy with the way Zach handled anything about the situation. 

“This man is a special brand of stupid,” one Reddit user said. 

Another commented, “There is no way any woman can go through that and be okay with it. Zach should’ve thought through this more.”

“Ya done screwed up, sir,” someone else chimed in.

While his decision was questionable at best, Zach may have not been purposely mean. It looked like he thought he was doing the right thing. His goal was honesty, but most of his decisions during Fantasy Suite week were bad ones. 


Kaity obviously forgave him because the two are now engaged. Gabi was left heartbroken.

“It’s a part of me that I’ll never get back that I shared with him,” Gabi told Jesse Palmer during the After the Final Rose special (via ET Online). “It’s extremely violating that the entire nation knows everything.”

Source: Cheat Sheet

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