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‘The Bachelor’ Season 28: Fans Piece Together Who the Real Winner Is After Wrong Spoilers



ABC’s The Bachelor Season 28 spoilers are here for the rest of the season, and fans weren’t too shocked to hear about which women made it the furthest in the competition. Joey Graziadei seems happy with how his season ends, so it makes sense to assume he’s engaged or in a serious relationship with the woman he chooses during the finale. However, initial spoilers about the winner might be wrong. Here’s what fans have pieced together regarding the real winner of the season.

[Spoiler alert: The Bachelor Season 28 spoilers ahead regarding the winner.]

‘The Bachelor’ Season 28 spoilers: Who really wins the season? Fans think the initial spoilers are wrong

Fans watching The Bachelor Season 28 likely know the finale spoilers provided by Reality Steve at the start of the season. Reality Steve stated Joey Graziadei gets down on one knee for Daisy Kent, and she says yes to his proposal. However, these spoilers might be totally wrong.

A fan on Reddit posted evidence to suggest that Joey picks Kelsey Anderson at the end of his season. The fan posted photos from Kelsey and Joey’s Instagrams that prove they were at the same location post-season. This location appears to be the same Airbnb that the series used in the past for Safe House Visits, where the lead can connect with his final woman privately after the season finishes filming.

“I’m shocked the producers even let them post anything at all from a SHV,” a fan on Reddit wrote. “They should know better that people on the internet analyze everything.”

“The F1 is Kelsey,” another fan confirmed on Reddit. “Don’t know who gave Steve bad info, but I am from her hometown. They are still together.”


Reality Steve caught wind of the evidence and said on his podcast that he’d look into it.

Reality Steve talked about Joey Graziadei’s ‘unprecedented ending’

The Bachelor Season 28 ends in a way that fans have never seen before. Trailers from the season show Joey Graziadei crying and looking shocked at the end of the season, but it appears he still leaves the show happy and excited about who he chose. Now, fans are speculating what the “unprecedented ending” could mean.

“The Joey stuff, unprecedented ending, yes, it’s never happened before,” Reality Steve said on the Reality Steve Podcast. “Yes, it is interesting. It’s not a 10, but it’s not a one, either. And I think when I tell you, you’ll go — just like when I was told it, I was like, ‘Oh, well, that makes sense. And that’s never happened before.’ Really, really interesting. I’m just still trying to find the details out about one particular thing. And then I think we’ll have it all wrapped up in a nice bow for you.”

Fans don’t want Daisy Kent as the next lead of ‘The Bachelorette’

'The Bachelor' Season 28 star Joey Graziadei on a one-on-one date with Daisy Kent

If The Bachelor Season 28 spoilers are to be believed, then Daisy Kent likely is the runner-up this season. This could put her in an excellent position to be the next lead of The Bachelorette. However, many fans on Reddit expressed how they don’t want her to become the next lead. They would rather have Maria Georgas lead The Bachelorette. Spoilers indicate Maria comes in fourth.

“I do not like Daisy for a variety of reasons, so I hope she doesn’t get picked,” a fan wrote. “But sweet Jesus, she can’t be the next Bachelorette!! She’s too dull! I’ve skipped seasons before because the lead has no personality, and I’d do it again. Team Maria forever!”

This story was originally reported by Reality Steve.

The Bachelor Season 28 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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