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‘The Challenge’: Horacio Thanked Olivia for Making Him a ‘Better Person’ After Exit



It appeared as though rookies Horacio Gutiérrez and Olivia Kaiser would run away with the win in The Challenge: Ride or Dies until a freak accident resulted in their disqualification. Following their exit, he thanked her for making him a “better person.”

Olivia Kaiser cut her finger during the finals in ‘The Challenge 38’

Rookies Horacio Gutiérrez and Olivia Kaiser survived a total of five eliminations on their way to the finals, where the newcomers seemed poised to win the final.

After finishing the 100-kilometer trek on a stationary bike first, giving them the most time to set up camp, they tackled the second day.

Olivia deeply cut her finger when the two threw bolas at the first checkpoint, which required medical attention.

Even so, she continued until they reached the third station in second place, where the two had to fire golf balls at targets using a slingshot. Due to Devin Walker and Tori Deal sabotaging the pair, resulting in them having to hit double targets, Olivia had to take a turn after Horacio nailed his.

Horacio Gutiérrez thanks Olivia for making him a ‘better person’ after their disqualification

Unfortunately, the slingshot reversed as she pulled it, causing the golf ball to hit her in the face. Her injury disqualified the teammates from the final, devastating them and the viewers.


Horacio’s support for Olivia and his emotional reaction to hearing they couldn’t finish, causing a producer to walk on camera to comfort him, brought many fans to tears.

Following the episode, the Exatlón star posted a picture with his bruised partner to social media, captioning it, “We ride together, we die together. Immensely proud of you! Beautiful inside and out! That warrior mentality. I love you so much! You made me a better person! Thank you for everything!” She reposted his message to her Instagram story.

Earlier in the competition, Horacio lost his temper when they lost the mini-final, causing Olivia to call him an “a**hole.” However, he encouraged her throughout the finals and remained strong for her following the freak accident.

Olivia and Horacio placed fourth in ‘The Challenge 38’

The newcomers joined the cast shortly before the opening challenge as replacements for Spies, Lies, and Allies champ Kaycee Clark and her brother Kenny as they tested positive for COVID-19, resulting in their brief removal.

After remaining safe for the first elimination because rookie Johnny Middlebrooks wanted to target the veterans, they immediately found themselves in the arena back-to-back. Their social game prevented them from becoming main targets, as Horacio had a short-lived fling with Free Agents winner Laurel Stucky and she enjoyed the company of veteran Nelson Thomas.

However, they were in the Arena again a few episodes later, in which the two took out Jay Starrett and Michele Fitzgerald with the help of the cast. When they split up, Olivia landed on Fessy Shafaat’s dominating team, avoiding elimination.

On the other hand, Horacio ended up on Moriah Jadea’s weaker squad, resulting in him competing in the Arena twice. The rookie pulled out the wins, sending home Kenny and three-time champ Jordan Wiseley, pulling his elimination record to an impressive 5-0. Despite overcoming five eliminations, they succumbed to her injury in the finals, resulting in a fourth-place finish. The Challenge airs Wednesdays on MTV.

Source: Cheat Sheet

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