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‘The Challenge’: Olivia Kaiser Connected With Another Competitor Before Nelson Thomas



The Challenge stars Olivia Kaiser and Nelson Thomas hit it off during season 38’s Ride or Dies and appeared as a strong couple, even though he indirectly threw her into elimination. However, Olivia connected with another competitor before her fling with Nelson.

Olivia Kaiser initially hit it off with Jay Starrett during ‘The Challenge 38’

Rookie Olivia Kaiser and veteran Nelson Thomas nearly dated while competing in The Challenge: Ride or Dies until his elimination when the game turned into teams.

However, before hitting it off with Nelson, she connected with another player, three-time competitor Jay Starrett.

After initially refusing to name him during her interview on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, Olivia opened up about the unaired love triangle in her appearance on co-star and seven-time champ Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio’s podcast, Death, Taxes, and Bananas.

According to the rookie, she quickly hit it off with Jay due to his humor. Olivia recalled her nervousness at the beginning as she entered the game late as a rookie and noted the Survivor favorite made her feel comfortable. However, the Alaska native felt things shift at one point, causing her to withdraw from the new romance.

Olivia got into an unaired love triangle with Jay during ‘The Challenge 38’

When prompted, Olivia clarified further and explained she pulled back after another competitor told her he might have had an unofficial relationship back home.


Additionally, the Love Island winner pointed out that she entered the game late – she and teammate Horacio Gutiérrez joined the competition as replacements for Kaycee and Kenny Clark before the first daily challenge – and didn’t know that Jay and rookie Colleen already had a romance brewing.

As they began to hit it off, Olivia thinks he might have started liking her more, eventually prompting the German native to inform her that they were sleeping in the same bed.

Therefore, the Alaska-based reality TV star said she called Jay out and ended their short-lived fling before eventually sending him home and moving on with Nelson. When asked if she pursued the veteran out of spite, Olivia called herself petty and admitted she “knew what I was doing.” However, she also noted she had genuine feelings for Nelson at the time.

Jay previously acknowledged the unaired love triangle

Several love triangles were highlighted in The Challenge: Ride or Dies, including one with rookies Johnny Middlebrooks, Ravyn Rochelle, and Nurys Mateo, another with Fessy Shafaat, Laurel Stucky, Michele Fitzgerald, and Colleen, and exes Jordan Wiseley and Tori Deal when he moved on with Nurys.

However, the messy romance with Jay, Colleen, and Olivia wasn’t included in the final episodes.

During his November 2022 appearance on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, the Survivor star admitted to having several romances in the house that didn’t make the show, including ones with Olivia and Colleen.

The veteran noted he got caught cuddling both of his castmates, ultimately resulting in an “apology tour.” According to his social media, it seems as though Jay isn’t in a relationship. The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays on MTV.


Source: Cheat Sheet

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