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‘The Challenge’ Season 39 Spoilers: Official Cast Listing



MTV’s The Challenge Season 39 will be here before fans know it, and future viewers can’t wait to see who returns to the series. The show is known for bringing rookies and veterans together to compete for the big money. But this season, it looks like most of the cast members are newer to the show. Here are The Challenge Season 39 spoilers regarding the upcoming cast.

[Spoiler alert: The Challenge Season 39 spoilers regarding the official cast listing.]

‘The Challenge’ Season 39 spoilers: Here’s the official cast listing

The Challenge Season 39 spoilers regarding the cast are here. According to spoiler gurus PinkRose and GamerVev, the new theme is “New Blood,” meaning most of the cast members have only competed on the show for a few seasons or fewer, and zero veterans will compete.

Here are the women cast members allegedly competing this season:

Berna Canbeldek
Moriah Jadea
Ravyn Rochelle
Tula “Big T” Fazakerley
Melissa Reeves
Nurys Mateo
Olivia Kaiser
Esther Falana
Michele Fitzgerald
Zara Zoffany
Bettina Buchanan
Jujuy Jiménez
Colleen Schneider
Zahida Allen

Here are the men competing:


Ed Eason
Emanuel Neagu
Nam Vo
Corey Lay
Kyland Young
Jay Starrett
Callum Izzard
Chauncey Palmer
Idris Virgo
Asaf Goren
Hughie Maughan
Horacio Gutierrez Jr.
Joss Mooney

The spoilers first reported Johnny Middlebrooks was also joining the cast, but it seems he’s no longer joining. The new season allegedly begins filming early in June 2023.

Fans are excited to see Olivia Kaiser return to ‘The Challenge’

Olivia Kaiser made a name for herself in The Challenge: Ride or Dies. She made it to the finale with Horacio Gutierrez Jr. as her partner. The rookie pair impressed the veterans as they nearly made it through the finale, but Olivia suffered a brutal injury that took her and Horacio out of the game. During a portion of the finale that involved a slingshot and a golf ball, the golf ball flew back into her face, shattering her face and breaking her nose.

“I was like, if I’m actually getting brain swelling, I could die,” Olivia shared with Variety. “This is not a joke. People die all the time from getting hit in the head from trauma. I really, in some crazy way, got lucky that it just hit me directly in between the eyes. Obviously, I still have good aim if I freaking got a bull’s eye. If it had hit me in the eye, I would have either lost my eye or died, because the golf ball probably would have went right back behind my eyeball.”

“Olivia coming back, hell yes,” a Reddit user wrote. “She was one of the best rookies of the 30s, can’t wait to see her again.”

It’s likely that Horacio and Olivia will join forces once more and create an alliance. The two were very close during Ride or Dies, and Horacio stayed with Olivia during her emergency.


Johnny ‘Bananas’ Devenanzio will likely return for season 40

Big names, like Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, won’t return in The Challenge Season 39 cast. But it’s likely fans will see him again for season 40. MTV’s likely to invite the big-name veterans back to mark the 40th scene.

Before Bananas competed in season 38, he noted he was ready for more. “Yeah, I feel like I took a nice little break,” he told TV Insider. “I feel like I gave my mind and body some time to adjust and to get rejuvenated. I feel like the fire has been lit again inside of me, and yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing what the next installment is. If my schedule and the timing works out properly, then yeah, I’ll be there, will bells on.”

This story was first reported by Vevmo.

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