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The city keeps its promise: Lorenzkirche: This will be the new passage



Nuremberg – The city keeps its promise!

When the Kaufhof/Karstadt branches in the city were saved in 2020, Mayor Marcus König (42, CSU) promised to make access through the Lorenzkirche subway passage more attractive.

Now the time has come: “We’ll start after the Church Congress in June,” says economics officer Michael Fraas (54).

Then the intermediate ceiling is demolished and replaced by an open slatted ceiling.

There is a new lighting concept, the facades of the shops are getting new colors. The red and black granite flooring remains.


The stairs to Karolinenstraße, the main market and the Stangegässchen will be reworked, a light wall will replace the disused water wall.

Construction costs according to current estimates: around seven million euros.


Source: Asia Times


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