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‘The Crown’ Season 6 Is Already in a ‘No-Win Situation’ Involving Prince William and Prince Harry




  • The Crown Season 6 includes Princess Diana’s death.
  • An expert says “managing expectations of all sides,” including Prince William, Prince Harry, and viewers, “is a no-win situation.” 
  • The “challenge” for The Crown Season 6 is to “create the most accurate depiction” of the events surrounding Princess Diana’s death. 

The Crown Season 6 has no trailer or release date. And yet the TV show already has a “unique challenge.” An expert says depicting Princess Diana‘s death makes meeting “expectations,” including Prince William and Prince Harry‘s, nearly impossible.

Depicting the events surrounding Princess Diana’s death presents a ‘unique challenge’ for ‘The Crown’

The Crown is reaching the period in Queen Elizabeth II’s reign when Diana dies. With it comes details about her death viewers will expect. However, as entertainment expert Mark Boardman noted, it will involve the right “balance.”

“Having personally followed the lives of the royals for over 30 years, it’s hard to imagine a show like The Crown that doesn’t include the crucial events leading to Princess Diana’s death and the aftermath of publicity that shrouds what really happened,” Boardman said (via Newsweek). 

Diana died on Aug. 31, 1997, following a car crash in the Pont d’Alma tunnel in Paris, France. Her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, and their driver, Henri Paul, also died. Diana’s bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones was the sole survivor. 

The challenge, the MarkMeets founder explained, is to strike a “balance” in telling the story accurately and sensitively. “While her legacy is much more than just this historic tragedy, balancing accurate storytelling with sensitivity surrounding her death presents a unique challenge.” 

Meanwhile, in a 2022 statement, the streaming service said the “exact moment” of the crash won’t be featured. 


‘The Crown’ won’t be able to meet everyone’s ‘expectations’ with Diana death depiction a ‘no-win situation’ 

Princess Diana, whose depiction of her death in 'The Crown' Season 6 creates a 'no-win situation,' according to an expert, stands with Prince William and Prince Harry

From the outset, The Crown Season 6 will be, as some characters say in the series, on the back foot. In short, however Diana’s death is depicted, it’s unlikely to live up to everyone’s “expectations.” And that includes the late royal’s sons, the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Sussex. 

“For The Crown, distressing scenes are particularly difficult for filmmakers to portray, especially considering the sensitivity of Princess Diana’s death,” Boardman said. 

“Managing expectations of all sides is a no-win situation,” he continued “For William and Harry, the re-telling of their mother’s death will undoubtedly bring up old wounds with distressing scenes.” 

Although, in depicting Diana’s death, “the show will draw in a new audience, eager to see how the high-profile drama will be handled and whether unanswered questions will come to light,” he continued, calling it “the most crucial and memorable part of the drama for many of us who already have our own theories.”

‘Praise and critical response’ expected as ‘real challenge’ is making the ‘most accurate depiction’ of Diana’s death

Boardman continued, saying despite Harry’s admitted skepticism about Diana’s death, the show will undoubtedly receive attention — both good and bad — when season 6 drops. 

“Prince Harry admitted in his memoir that he still does not really know if he fully believes the accepted police theory surrounding the crash,” Boardman said. “Though looking at all the reports, facts, reviewing witness statements, the expected attention boost will see both praise and critical response.” 

Whatever the reaction to the show’s final season, the “real challenge” is accuracy.  

“With no expense spared and each scene meticulously reviewed, the real challenge for Peter Morgan Mandi Kerr and his production team will be to strive to create the most accurate depiction to date and carefully set the tones and direct the cast,” he said. 


The Crown Season 6 is currently in production, with the premiere expected in late 2023. 

Source: Cheat Sheet

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