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‘The Glory’: Kim Hieora Reveals She Will Appear in ‘The Uncanny Counter’ Season 2



While The Glory K-drama takes the top spot as the most streamed non-English series, fans are still eagerly awaiting news on The Uncanny Counter Season 2. Since 2022, OCN has teased the main cast returning to the fantasy K-drama, but the details are minimal. With multiple actors reported to make appearances in The Uncanny Counter Season 2, The Glory actor Kim Hieora confirms she will also appear.

‘The Uncanny Counter’ Season 2 will bring back the demon-fighting team

In September 2022, Soompi reported that leading actor Kim Se-jeong was in talks to return to her role for The Uncanny Counter Season 2. When the K-drama originally ended, the main cast was more than enthusiastic about returning for a new season. Actor Jo Byeong-gyu was also reported to return to his leading role. Extraordinary Attorney Woo actor Kang Ki-young will also make an appearance.

The 2020 OCN K-drama was among the highest-rated cable television and heavily streamed on Netflix. Its storyline is based on the original webtoon about a group of enhanced individuals. The afterlife tasks them to stop rogue demons from wreaking havoc. Jo played the leading character of So Moon, a teen who lost his parents in a car accident and left with a crippled leg.

In a turn of events, he becomes a Counter and exhibits powers never seen before. The Uncanny Counter finale did not necessarily leave a cliffhanger as the team is reunited to continue their work saving humanity. But fans of the webtoon knew it was not necessarily the end. The Uncanny Counter webtoon ends its first half on a cliffhanger with an evil Counter.

Fans still await details about the second season and where the Counters are headed. So far, all fans know is that the new season will introduce international counters from different areas of Korea and the world. Rest assured; the new season will continue the foreboding feeling of a greater evil.

Kim Hieora will guest appear as a demon in ‘The Uncanny Counter’ Season 2

While some guest actors have been confirmed to appear in the new season, fans get a teaser from The Glory actor Kim Hieora. According to Soompi, Kim, and her co-stars spoke to W Magazine about their bully characters in the revenge K-drama. The magazine made it a point to explain that Kim was wearing a wig for the photoshoot for a reason.


Kim Hieora spilled the news that she will appear in The Uncanny Counter Season 2. She wore a wig to hide her current hairstyle for the K-drama. “I appear in ‘The Uncanny Counter 2’ as a demon. In terms of intensity, it’s about eight times more powerful than [my character] Sa Ra of ‘The Glory.’ Since the character is not a human, I feel much more comfortable. Because it feels like an animation,” explained the actor.

The actor’s long wig hid her short blonde hair, and fans may recall that Kim also had short blonde hair in The Glory. It seems that Kim was working on The Uncanny Counter Season 2 and The Glory Part 2 simultaneously. To make up for her blonde hair, they incorporated it into Sa-ra’s storyline.

As Kim has proved she can take on more villainous roles, her appearance in The Uncanny Counter Season 2 will be a welcome treat. Fans can expect the best from the actor.

Two ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ actors will appear in the fantasy K-drama

The new season of The Uncanny Counter will have a long list of guest appearances. Not only will Kim appear as an evil demon, but actor Kim Ki-young will also appear as an unknown character. The two actors will meet again as they both played roles in Netflix’s highly acclaimed K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

Kim Ki-young and Kim Hieora in 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' Episode 6.

Actor Kim played one of the supporting roles as Jung Myeong-seok, one of the leading attorneys at Handbada Law Firm. Kim Hieora played the role of Gye Hyang-sim in Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 6. The case dealt with a single mother who defected from North Korea with her daughter. She is under arrest for the supposed assault of another woman who owed money.

Kim’s role in the legal K-drama drastically differs from what fans see in The Glory. The actors met while on set filming the court scenes for the K-drama.


Source: Cheat Sheet

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