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‘The Golden Bachelor’: Faith Martin Knew Gerry Turner ‘Had a Thing’ for Theresa Nist ‘From the Get-Go’



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‘The Golden Bachelor’ finale ends with Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist engaged, and Faith Martin said she always knew Gerry ‘had a thing’ for Theresa.

ABC’s The Golden Bachelor finale is here, and we get to see who Gerry Turner gets down on one knee for. Spoilers for the season revealed Gerry chooses Theresa Nist despite his strong feelings for Leslie Fhima. And Faith Martin, a fan favorite from the season who failed to receive a rose after hometowns, said she always knew Gerry “had a thing” for Theresa.

[Spoiler alert: The Golden Bachelor finale spoilers ahead.]

‘The Golden Bachelor’ contestant Faith Martin knew Gerry Turner ‘had a thing’ for Theresa Nist

If The Golden Bachelor finale spoilers are to be believed, Gerry Turner gets down on one knee for Theresa Nist, and they remain engaged after the show. While Gerry fell madly in love with Leslie Fhima, he has a special, unbreakable bond with Theresa that we saw from the start. We’re not surprised to hear that Gerry and Theresa plan on spending the rest of their lives together.


Faith Martin isn’t surprised, either. While fans adored Faith and expected Gerry to choose her, she was dumped by Gerry after hometowns. Faith clarified that she wanted to stay in her home state of Washington to live near her kids. Gerry likely intends to reside in his Indiana home, thus breaking their romance.

Faith spoke to ExtraTV about the breakup and her thoughts on Gerry. And she said that she knew he always “had a thing” for Theresa.

“I did notice that he kind of had a thing for Theresa right from the get-go,” Faith said. “And I did not see it with Leslie, but obviously, their relationship is growing, too. My thought going in was, if he gives a rose to Leslie first [during hometowns], I know I’m going home. I just knew it might be then between Leslie and Theresa.”

'The Golden Bachelor' final 3 contestants Leslie Fhima, Faith Martin, and Theresa Nist standing at a rose ceremony one will be the winner

Gerry Turner sends ‘good morning’ texts to Theresa Nist every day

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist can’t spend consistent time together until after The Golden Bachelor finale airs. But Gerry told Esquire that he sends “good morning” texts to the final woman he chose — and we now know that’s Theresa.

“Oh yeah, it’s constant. It’s great,” Gerry said of the texts.

The Golden Bachelor star spoke to Esquire about the difficulties of not seeing his fiancée until the finale airs.

“Well, I did come to the end and find a happy ending,” he noted. “So, the extremely difficult part of this whole process is that from the moment the taping is finished until the moment the last episode airs, I’m not allowed to see that person. There’s so much joy and excitement — and phone conversations and texting are great — but every moment I want her to be there and enjoy it with me. All the little things. Even a great interview like this, I want her to be here, too.”

Elements of this story were originally reported by Reality Steve via Instagram.


The Golden Bachelor finale airs Thursday, Nov. 30, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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