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‘The Golden Bachelor’: Gerry Turner Entered the Fantasy Suites With Some ‘Potential Red Flags’



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Gerry Turner walked into the fantasy suites with some red flags he was looking for, and he found them. He had a clear winner after his private dates with each woman.

Gerry Turner will make his final decision on Nov. 30 on The Golden Bachelor. The retired restauranteur from Indiana has had a tough time sending women home on the dating competition, and the final rose ceremony should be especially emotional. Turner had two great choices: Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist. Still, he is resolute in his decision. During a recent interview, Turner revealed that he had a lot of clarity about his decision after spending evenings in the Golden Bachelor fantasy suites with each contestant. He said he walked into the private evenings with some “red flags” to look for.  

Gerry Turner entered the fantasy suites with some ‘red flags’ in mind 

Recently, Turner appeared on Life is Short with Justin Long and clued everyone in on how he made his decision. He explained how he worked out who was a better match for him long-term. He walked into the fantasy suites with some red flags he was looking for. 

'The Golden Bachelor' star Gerry Turner handing a rose to Theresa Nist

While Turner didn’t go into detail about what happened in the suites when the cameras left or what the red flags were, his runner-up clearly exhibited some of the things he was concerned about. Still, he didn’t enter the suites with a clear-cut winner in mind. Turner left the suites with one, though. He told Long that he had gained a lot of clarity and was able to gather important information about his two finalists during their private dates. 

‘The Golden Bachelor’ fans thought Leslie Fhima seemed distant after her night in the fantasy suites 

Gerry Turner confirmed what The Golden Bachelor fans suspected; he didn’t have an actual winner in mind until he could spend a large amount of uninterrupted time alone with the ladies. While spoilers suggested Theresa Nist was the big winner, fans were largely unsurprised by the revelation. Following the fantasy suites, there was a fair bit of chatter on social media about Leslie Fhima’s demeanor after her time alone with Turner. 

'The Golden Bachelor' contestant Leslie Fhima in a roller coaster laughing with Gerry Turner

Several eagle-eyed viewers believe Leslie was totally into Gerry when they closed the door on the cameras, but not so much the next morning. When the duo kissed following their night alone, some viewers believe Fhima rolled her eyes, which suggests that the night she spent with Turner didn’t go according to plan. 

While ABC has not yet announced whether they’ll go ahead with The Golden Bachelorette, fans believe it is pretty much a done deal. If history repeats itself, one of Gerry’s last castoffs will get the chance to pick from a slew of eligible bachelors. Leslie would certainly make a great golden bachelorette, and fans would love to see her find her perfect match. 

Source: Cheat Sheet

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