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‘The Golden Bachelor’: Leslie Fhima Can’t Say She ‘Respects’ Gerry Turner After the Breakup



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‘The Golden Bachelor’ runner-up Leslie Fhima explained whether she still ‘respects’ Gerry Turner, and she has mixed feelings.

ABC’s The Golden Bachelor finale has ended, and many fans are extremely happy for Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist. Unfortunately, Leslie Fhima’s heart was broken at the end of the final episode, and she still has complicated feelings toward Gerry. Here’s what she answered when asked if she “respects” Gerry after the breakup.

[Spoiler alert: The Golden Bachelor finale spoilers ahead.]

‘The Golden Bachelor’ runner-up Leslie Fhima doesn’t know if she ‘respects Gerry Turner after the breakup

The Golden Bachelor runner-up Leslie Fhima knew something was off with Gerry Turner when she met his family. And during the evening portion of their date, she had a feeling that he was going to choose Theresa Nist as his future wife. Gerry and Leslie came together to speak about their breakup during the After the Final Rose special, but Leslie didn’t feel like she got the “closure” she hoped for.


“I feel like I didn’t get a ton of closure with him, you know, but that’s OK,” she told the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. “I felt like I closed it with myself. … You don’t really get a lot of closure. What can they say? They had to make a choice. It’s his journey, his choice. But he could’ve chosen not to say those things to me, that’s all. … I didn’t get closure from him, and I don’t know if anything he would’ve said would’ve really given me closure. He said something about choosing Theresa over me, and I thought that was a little harsh. He could’ve maybe said that a little nicer.”

“I should’ve said, ‘I thought you were a man of integrity,’ instead of, ‘You’re a man of integrity.’ Because, at the end of the day, he didn’t really have the integrity that I thought he had,” Leslie continued.

Podcast host Joe Amabile asked Leslie if she respected Gerry after their journey ended. Leslie doesn’t know how she feels just yet.

“Gerry — he did what he did. It’s his journey,” she answered. “Do I respect him? I just wish he would’ve done it differently. I don’t respect what he did. It started with Faith [Martin], and then me a little more because I went to Costa Rica and did all that. So, I feel like he just used ‘I love you’ too much. Do I respect him? That’s such a hard question. Because I want to say I do. But, it’s hard. He hurt me.”

Gerry Turner felt like Leslie Fhima was ‘the one’ — until she wasn’t

Leslie Fhima in 'The Golden Bachelor' finale standing by herself and looking pensive

The Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner chose Theresa Nist during the finale, but fans watching the series thought he was all in on Leslie Fhima after the Fantasy Suites. Gerry thought Leslie was the woman for him as well. But something changed.

“At that moment, that’s sort of how I felt,” Gerry told Good Morning America when asked about him telling Leslie she was the one for him.

“I felt like a villain at times,” Gerry noted during the interview. “It is an artificial environment. I didn’t realize how impactful it would be.”

Ultimately, Gerry couldn’t live without Theresa. The couple will get married live on Jan. 4, 2023, via ABC.


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