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‘The Golden Bachelor’: Leslie Fhima Reveals What Gerry Turner Told Her in the Fantasy Suites



ABC’s The Golden Bachelor officially ended, and Gerry Turner chose Theresa Nist as his forever partner. Gerry and Theresa are over the moon with their engagement and upcoming wedding in January 2024. But Leslie Fhima is still wondering what went wrong with Gerry. According to Leslie, Gerry made it sound like he chose her during their private Fantasy Suites conversation. Here’s what she said.

[Spoiler alert: The Golden Bachelor finale spoilers ahead.]

‘The Golden Bachelor’ runner-up Leslie Fhima gave new details about her Fantasy Suites date with Gerry Turner

The Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner took Leslie Fhima on the first Fantasy Suites date, and he had trouble getting her out of his head after that. When the date happened, neither Gerry nor Leslie detailed what went down. And they promised that the conversations they shared would remain private. However, Leslie recently spoke to the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast about the Fantasy Suites date, and she explained more about what Gerry told her that made her feel so certain he would choose her.

“I don’t want to say everything he said, but it was 100% certainty when I woke up the next morning that I was going to be it,” Leslie told the podcast. “He made plans with me for future … kind of like, save the date, this is what we’re gonna do, I can’t wait for us; two more days and we’ll be done with this, be together, start our life. Did he say ‘will you marry me’ in there? No, but he all but said that. I mean, I would’ve been happy with just ‘I love you,’ but he took it to a different level.”

“We woke up the next morning, and he laughed; he turned around three times and blew me kisses; he didn’t want to leave,” Leslie continued. “That’s why I wasn’t worried that he was going on a date. I just knew that he had to get through the motions of it. I mean, I was 100% sure that I was it. He didn’t say, ‘I have such a hard decision to make.’ You know, nothing like that.”

Gerry Turner said he ‘felt like a villain at times’ during the show

After Gerry Turner dumped Leslie Fhima in The Golden Bachelor finale, he came face to face with her during the After the Final Rose. He explained that nothing went wrong with their relationship, but he had a “better” connection with Theresa Nist.


“It didn’t really go wrong, Leslie. It just … it was better with someone else,” Gerry told her. “I’ll never forgive myself for the pain I caused along the way. But, in my own imperfect way, I couldn’t find another way of doing it more graciously. And I am so sorry.”

While speaking to Good Morning America, Gerry noted that the show made him feel like “a villain at times.” As for his breakup with Leslie, he said he didn’t outright lie to her, as he told her how he felt at the moment.

“I really have no response to that other than, at that moment, that’s sort of how I felt,” he noted.

‘The Golden Bachelor’ lead explained what he spoke to Theresa Nist about in the Fantasy Suites

Leslie Fhima felt blindsided by Gerry Turner’s decision in The Golden Bachelor finale, especially after what happened in the Fantasy Suites. While Gerry didn’t detail what he told Leslie on their overnight date, he did reveal what he told Theresa Nist.

“Part of our conversation in the Fantasy Suites [was] the first time really that I seriously told her that I loved her,” Gerry explained to People. “It was almost an announcement of excitement. I said it three times in a row, ‘Theresa, I love you. I love you, I love you.’ And I go, ‘And I’m going to ask you to marry me. I don’t know if you’re going to say yes, but I’m going to ask you.’ So for me, when I got to the final episode and the engagement was about to happen, I was very confident that she was my person, 100% confident.”

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