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The Hottest Food, Beauty and Home Trends Expected for 2023



What to Know

  • Yelp’s 2023 Trend Forecast Report uses data from internets searches between 2021 and 2022 to make predictions about the upcoming year
  • Upcycled home decor, neutral tones, and limewash paint are forecasted home trends
  • Experiential dining, board game bars, frozen drinks and mocktails are expected to continue in popularity

Out with the old and in with the new: It’s time to get ahead of the hottest trends expected for the new year.

The crowd-sourced review app Yelp has released its 2023 Trend Forecast Report based on research from data scientists that looked at internet user searches and interests between 2021 and 2022 to make predictions about the upcoming year.


Ever wanted to try having dinner with sharks? Well, it seems that 2023 will be the year to try experiential dining. Yelp says searches for underwater restaurants were up 263%.

Disney World and SeaWorld both offer aquarium dining reservations in Florida. The Aquarium Restaurant chain offers similar experience and has locations in Tennessee, Colorado and Texas.

The New York Times declared the Negroni Sbagliato the most popular cocktail of 2022. In 2023, we may be ordering it frozen.

Yelp says searches for slushies were up 77%. Both bars and restaurants are continuing expand their options for frozen drinks. Even Broadway has hopped on the trend with the New York City Lyric Theatre offering Frosé (frozen Rosé) for theatergoers.

With increasing studies about the damaging effects of alcohol on the brain, it is no surprise that mocktails and ‘dirty sodas’ are also in.


“Dirty sodas,” a drink that originated in Utah, are made by mixing soda, cream, and flavored syrup. These colorful sodas, along with mocktails, alcohol free cocktails, provide delicious alternative to alcoholic drinks and, of course, Instagram-worthy photo opportunities.

TikTok virality plays a major influence in these trends as accounts such as @mocktailgirlie and @swigdrink have amassed hundreds of thousands of likes and millions of views.

Yelp says searches for mocktails were up 59% and “dirty sodas” were up 40%.


Yelp has seen custom framing searches increase by 17% and says gallery walls that cluster photo frames together are a great way to add a touch of personal style.

Simplicity is in as more homes are turning to natural tones and earth tones and natural materials.

“For 2023, I’m excited to incorporate earth tones into this classic trend and beyond, using warm colors and textures in rusts, sage greens, and browns. Earth tones are definitely here to stay,” reality television personality and real estate agent Jojo Fletcher told Yelp.


Neutral tones, recycled decor and limewash paint may continue to rise in popularity in 2023 (Photo Credit: Yelp)

Recycling and upcycling searches were up 50% as many look to sustainably source their home decor. Websites such as Freecycle allow you to both give away and get items for free within your community.

Limewash paint is another more environmentally friendly way to achieve unique look inside your home with natural pigments and a textured look.

Yelp says this paint made with crushed limestone saw a 79% increase in searches throughout the past year as increasing amounts of homeowners are seeking a cozy, lived-in aesthetic.


Dubbed as “glazed donut nails,” pearly white nails with a shiny chrome powder finish may be your next go-to look.

With celebrities like Hailey Bieber popularizing the look, Yelp saw a spike over 125% for “donut nails” searches.

Perfecting your contour may give the illusion of a sharper, chiseled facial feature, more people are seeking to achieve a more permanent look with jawline filler. Lymphatic massage have long been a popular way to achieve this more naturally with beauty tools like Gua Sha stones being an influencer favorite. Yelp says searches for “refined jawlines’ are up 37%.


Celebrity Stylist Sunny Brooks coined the term “butterfly haircut” that emphasizes long layer with “wings” that frame the face. Searches for this hairstyle trend were up 55%.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also ushered in some classic wellness pastimes such as a resurgence of tabletop board games as searches are up 106% since last year.

Yelp says its users are looking for board game bars and cafes to have fun while out on the town. Bingo has also jumped in popularity with searches up 199% as new variations of the game like “drag bingo” has found increasing popularity.

New variations of bingo and the game of pickleball are expected to continue surging in popularity throughout 2023. (Photo Credit: Yelp / Left: Photo via Amy H., Happy Camper, Chicago, IL / Right: Photo via Deborah R., Chicken N Pickle, San Antonio, TX)

Pickleball also continues to rise in popularity as it an activity accessible for all ages, and “best pickleball court” searches were up 70%. The game incorporates qualities of both badminton and tennis.

As we have have seen with numerous other 2023 predictions, it is no surprise that athletes and celebrities like Lebron James have played a part in popularizing the sport by making headlines investing in the sport.

So sit back with a fresh set of donut nails and pour yourself a mocktail before you head to the pickleball courts because that may just be the way of 2023.


Source: NBC New York

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