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The Point: Reasons behind NYC’s controversial plan to treat mentally ill homeless people, and MTA head on looming fare hikes



Treating the mentally ill, whether they agree or not, and the need to raise transit fares are two controversies facing New York City right now. 

The Point

Mayor Eric Adams unveiled the controversial plan to treat mentally ill homeless people whether they agree to it or not. Anne Williams-Isom, deputy mayor for Health and Human Services, spoke with CBS2’s Marcia Kramer about the new policy. 

Watch the conversation here or in the video player above. 

Talking Point

MTA Chair Janno Lieber is driving the trains of a potential fare hike. Lieber has to find a way to make the MTA solvent. How will he do it? Will there be a fare hike? If so, how much?

Watch Kramer’s interview with Lieber here or in the video player below: 


Talking Points: MTA Chair Janno Lieber on fare hikes & subway safety


MORE: MTA Chair says subway crime is starting to decline despite public fears

Your Point

The MTA’s fiscal woes are top of mind for people who take mass transit. They’re weighing in this week. 


Your Point: New Yorkers sound off on MTA fare hikes


Exclamation Point

In an exclusive conversation on CBS News New York, Lieber answers New Yorkers’ burning questions about how the MTA can improve service. 

Exclamation Point: New Yorkers ask MTA chair about subway improvements



“The Point with Marcia Kramer” airs every Sunday at 11:30 a.m. on CBS2, right after “Face the Nation.” Then turn to CBS News New York at noon for an extended conversation in the “Exclamation Point.”

Source: CBS

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