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The Point: Should Kathy Hochul and Lee Zeldin debate in the governor’s race, and can Andrew Cuomo make a political comeback?



The Point

Sunday on “The Point,” Marcia Kramer discussed the New York governor’s race with members from both sides of the aisle: former New York Gov. David Paterson, a Democrat, and Republican Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman. 

Watch their entire conversation here or in the video player above. 

Exclamation Point

In an exclusive segment on CBS News New York, Kramer asked Paterson and Blakeman if former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who resigned amid allegations of sexual misconduct, deserves “political forgiveness” as he looks to reenter politics. 

Exclamation Point: Does Andrew Cuomo deserve political forgiveness?



Point of View

Basil Smikle, director of the public policy program at Hunter College, and Javier Lacayo, a Democratic political consultant, joined “The Point” to sort out the latest in New York politics. 

Point of View: Potential Cuomo comeback?


Your Point

We asked New York voters, should Gov. Kathy Hochul and Rep. Lee Zeldin participate in a debate before Election Day?

Should Gov. Kathy Hochul and Rep. Lee Zeldin debate?



“The Point with Marcia Kramer” airs every Sunday at 11:30 a.m. on CBS2, right after “Face the Nation.” Then turn to CBS News New York at noon for an extended conversation in the “Exclamation Point.” 

Source: CBS

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