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The Timing of King Charles’s Cancer Diagnosis Announcement Wasn’t by Accident, Report Claims: ‘Sensible Reason’



When the British royal family announced King Charles’s cancer diagnosis, it was, apparently, anything but random. Buckingham Palace reportedly had a “very sensible reason” for releasing the update on the 75-year-old monarch’s health when they did. Ahead, the palace’s “carefully choreographed” statement and the significance of its timing. 

Charles’ cancer diagnosis announcement coincided with U.K. nightly news broadcasts

When Buckingham Palace announced the king had been diagnosed with cancer on Feb. 5, 2024, they did so in what’s believed to have been a thoughtful way. 

“This was carefully choreographed. Probably yesterday,” Jennie Bond, a royal expert, told the U.K.’s Sky News after the announcement (via Express). 

“A deliberate attempt by the King and the Palace to show that he is OK, that we mustn’t worry too much. But, yes, this is a real setback for him, so early in his reign, obviously.” 

As for the timing of the announcement, just before 6 p.m. local time in London, England, Express reported it probably came down to a “very sensible reason,” the nightly news. 


“It is likely Buckingham Palace decided to share the news at this time as it coincides with the BBC News at Six,” the outlet said. “Consideration has often been given throughout history to the timing of major royal announcements so they could coincide with news broadcasts or newspaper publication times.” 

Indeed, the late Queen Elizabeth II released her memorable “recollections may vary” statement about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s 2021 Oprah interview in time for evening news programs throughout the U.K. 

Buckingham Palace’s announcement of King Charles’s diagnosis

Here’s what the palace said when they announced King Charles’s cancer diagnosis on Feb. 5, 2024, a week after he and Kate Middleton were both discharged from The London Clinic.

“During The King’s recent hospital procedure for benign prostate enlargement, a separate issue of concern was noted. Subsequent diagnostic tests have identified a form of cancer,” the statement began. 

It went on to note King Charles started a “schedule of regular treatments” the same day as the announcement. Additionally, he’d continue most of his work “as usual”  —  “State business and official paperwork” — and “postpone public-facing duties” per doctors’ recommendations. 

King Charles doesn’t have prostate cancer

Buckingham Palace hasn’t shared the specific type of cancer King Charles has been diagnosed with or its severity. However, the palace has reportedly ruled out one type. 


Following the announcement of the monarch’s cancer diagnosis, the palace confirmed King Charles doesn’t have prostate cancer. 

Since then, King Charles has been spotted leaving Clarence House after a reportedly brief visit from his youngest son, Prince Harry, on Feb. 6, 2024. Meanwhile, King Charles’s fellow working royals will carry out public engagements. 

Source: Cheat Sheet

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