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‘The Voice’: John Legend Might Have ‘a Rivalry With Gwen’ Stefani Due to Her ‘Ridiculous’ Outfits, Celebrity Stylist Says



NBC’s The Voice Season 24 continues with the Live Shows, and fans can’t wait to see who the four coaches move forward with as the finale nears. Coach John Legend and Gwen Stefani have cultivated fantastic teams of performers. And they also keep wowing fans with their weekly style. Unfortunately, a celebrity stylist thinks Legend might ‘have a rivalry’ with the No Doubt frontwoman due to her wild fashion sense.

‘The Voice’ coach John Legend might ‘have a rivalry with Gwen’ Stefani over her style, celebrity stylist says

The Voice Season 24 coaches look better than ever, with John Legend and Gwen Stefani making weekly fashion statements. Legend always looks sharp yet understated as he focuses on coaching his team. But Stefani loves to stand out with her wild outfits and makeup. According to celebrity stylist Amanda Sanders, Legend might feel “a rivalry” with Stefani regarding their looks.

“Gwen continues to dress way too young than she is now,” Sanders told The Sun, adding that Stefani’s “cutesy” outfits are “looking a bit ridiculous.”

“There is an underlying tone from John because Gwen is always dressed to the nines,” Sanders continued. “John is fashion-forward and very comfortable in his own skin. He is naturally cool. To John, Gwen may look so pink, over the top, and bedazzled. She has so many elements going on at the same time, and with all these costume looks. There is an underlayer of snarkiness there from him now.”

Sanders added that Legend can “push” the “boundaries” of fashion more than some other men, creating a “rivalry” with Stefani.

“Gwen can not evolve further into a greater singer until she changes this look,” the stylist noted. “She is also married to somebody who is very conservative. If Gwen changed her style it would be as though she was influenced by her husband.”


Gwen Stefani accepted the Fashion Icon Award during E! People’s Choice Awards in 2019

The Voice Season 24 showcases Gwen Stefani’s boldest fashion choices, whether John Legend approves or not. While some viewers may think Stefani needs to dress differently for her age, we can’t forget that she won the Fashion Icon Award for E! People’s Choice Awards in 2019. While accepting the award, Stefani wore a white high-low gown with a long train, black gloves, and thigh-high black boots.

“I always loved fashion; it was one of those instinctual things,” she said when accepting the award, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “My mom would come home from school, and my grandmother would have her make her prom dress.”

Clothing aside, Stefani also has an evident passion for makeup. She has her beauty line, GXVE. “With GXVE, I wanted to create makeup that would make me the best makeup artist,” she told Vanity Fair. “I wanted to make something that was comfortable but long-wearing. This is my original recipe that I’m wearing now, which is matte, but I have three different formulas.”

John Legend says he’s ‘always conscious’ about how he looks

The Voice Season 24 shows John Legend’s impeccable style and Gwen Stefani’s unconventional outfits. Regarding fashion, Legend told GQ that he’s “always conscious” about his appearance.

“I’m always conscious about how I look,” he told the publication. “I care as much about how I look on stage as how I look when I go out to the grocery store.”

The coach loves “classic shapes and tailoring,” as they never go out of style. “I love to add a personal touch to everything I wear, though,” he added. “So, while I have a real respect for the classics, I try to put a little twist on them.”

Legend mentioned that fashion felt “boring” for some time, so he enjoys it when people in the industry embrace risks. With this in mind, perhaps he loves Stefani’s fashion.


The Voice Season 24 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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