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There Are No ‘Obstacles’ Preventing Prince Harry From a Royal Return Despite Rumors, Expert Says



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Prince Harry hasn’t been on great terms with the royal family recently, but an expert says a royal return is entirely in his hands — and there are no obstacles preventing it.

Prince Harry departed the royal family for greener pastures back in 2020. Harry left with his wife, Meghan Markle, and their son, Prince Archie, to build a new life in California; they have since welcomed another child, daughter Princess Lilibet.

Harry has been slowly working toward rebuilding relationships with the royal family, but there have been nonstop rumors that the family doesn’t want him to return. However, one royal expert claims that sources say there are no ”obstacles” actually preventing Harry from re-joining the family.

Prince Harry and Prince William

Prince Harry has no ‘theoretical obstacles’ preventing a royal return

Harry and Meghan stepped back in 2020 after they had a difficult time with both the press and Harry’s family. The family didn’t see eye-to-eye with what Harry and Meghan wanted, and the press constantly shed the couple in a negative light. They ultimately stepped back entirely from their royal roles. Ever since, there have been rumors that Harry couldn’t return to the family even if he wanted to, but royal expert Valentine Low says this is not the case.

“There are no theoretical obstacles to reconciliation with the King or with William, though with William it would take a long time,” Low told The Sun, via Express. “[Harry] could come back and see his family. He could appear at a royal engagement. But undertaking [an] engagement won’t happen for a long time.”


The news has been mixed regarding where things stand with Harry and the royals. Some experts claim Harry would never be allowed back into the family, while Low isn’t the only one who thinks a royal return is entirely in Harry’s hands. What we do know is that Harry recently said he loves his family and that King Charles and Harry are definitely on speaking terms.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince William could be Prince Harry’s only obstacle

At the moment, it’s not up to William whether his brother makes a royal return. As long as Charles is on the throne, he has the final say. But once William becomes king, he could then be a problem; if he doesn’t want his brother working for the Firm, then he has the ability to prevent that.

Harry and William haven’t been close in years, but when Harry and Meghan first left the royal family, Harry said he had love for his brother and that the door would always be open for William. However, as time has passed, Harry and William have appeared to be colder and colder toward each other.

A royal reconciliation is certainly possible according to Harry, who said in an interview with Good Morning America that he does think his father’s cancer diagnosis is a way to bring the family together. However, as far as the public knows, Harry did not speak with William during his quick visit to the UK in February.

Source: Cheat Sheet


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