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These Are All the Super Bowl 2023 Commercials Released So Far



The Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs will face on Feb. 12 for Super Bowl LVII, but plenty of viewers tuning into the big game are watching for a different reason — the iconic commercials.

With the Super Bowl comes super-sized views. Last year’s championship game estimated over 208 million viewers. That’s a lot of eyes on a company’s product. And it’s why the cost of Super Bowl commercials continues to increase over the years, with 30-second spots costing a record $7 million this year, according to AdAge.

Many companies are already dropping previews ahead of Super Bowl Sunday. But, why ruin the surprise by sharing the commercials before the big game?

Early releases help big brands by getting people to talk about the commercials before the game, generating interest online in case the advertisement doesn’t meet performance expectations or gets overshadowed by another viral-worthy commercial on game day.

Most brands release teaser content, setting up storylines or hinting at what celebrities will star in their prime-time ads. However, fans will have to wait for the full versions to drop during the game on Feb. 12, which will take place at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Kick off is at 6:30 p.m. ET.

Here’s a look at the 2023 Super Bowls ads that have been released, so far:



In this 15-second teaser, Meghan Trainor gets ready to record the viral TikTok dance to her song “Made You Look” before reaching for more cheddar cheese Pringles chips and getting her arm stuck in the can.


Rapper Jack Harlow gets stormed by fans and paparazzi while he walks to his car and is asked whether reports of a “love triangle” are true. As he pulls out a chip from a bag of new Doritos Sweet and Tangy BBQ, the “First Class” rapper responds, “Maybe.” What could that mean?

Doritos tweeted a clue to question on Wednesday, suggesting Missy Elliot will join Harlow in the prime-time commercial. But Elliot didn’t seem too enthralled about the “love triangle” idea.


Who wants a piercing? Turns out Ozzy Osbourne is a rock star even in the corporate world. The “Crazy Train” singer plays an office employee in the workforce management software company’s first Super Bowl commercial. Osbourne previously starred in Best Buy’s Super Bowl ad with Justin Bieber in 2011.



Everybody’s favorite duo from “Breaking Bad” is back. The popular TV series ended 10 years ago, but that didn’t stop Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul from reuniting as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman to promote this popped-corn snack.


Can you guess who the mysterious celebrity in this teaser is? The star, covering his face with a hoodie, doubts Downy Unstopables’ ability to keep clothes fresh for more than 12 weeks. He needs to smell it to believe it, even if that means waiting until Super Bowl Sunday. (Observant fans of “East Bound and Down” and “The Righteous Gemstones” have noted it appears to be the voice of actor Danny McBride.)


Retired NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski will kick a 25-yard field goal live during a Super Bowl commercial as part of the online gambling company’s promotion that will give away $10 million in free bets. Tune in to the “Kick of Destiny” to see if it’s true that if “you can catch it, you can kick it.”



Budweiser, a staple of Super Bowl commercials, has teased several spots highlighting the shared experiences and characteristics of Bud drinkers. In one of the teases, the beer conglomerate features rapper Metro Boomin.


Heineken uses Paul Rudd as Ant-Man to advertise the company’s non-alcoholic beer, Heineken 0.0. “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” comes out five days after the Super Bowl, giving you something to do after your team wins or loses.

Michelob Ultra:

Serena Williams trades in her tennis racket for a golf putter to enter a putt-putt match with Brian Cox, the media mogul from HBO’s hit series “Succession.” Michelob Ultra’s golf-themed commercial is a riff on the 1980 film “Caddyshack” with references to the fictional Bushwood Country Club and the movie’s theme song. Other teasers include former NFL star Tony Romo, boxer Canelo Álvarez and soccer player Alex Morgan.


Sam Adams:

To spotlight Sam Adams’ Remastered Boston Lager, the beer company enlisted “your cousin from Boston” to reimagine a Boston where people are polite and Yankees and Red Sox fans love each other.

Avocados From Mexico:

“Scary Movie” star Anna Faris stars in this movie trailer-style teaser for Avocados from Mexico, the trade organization representing avocado growers. Faris plays the role of Eve in the “Garden of Eden” and is holding an avocado as the narrator proclaims, “One fruit, with the ability to make everything better.”


Crown Royal:

What does peanut butter, paint rollers, egg cartons and Hawaiian pizza have in common? We don’t know either, but Crown Royal says fans have to tune in on Feb. 12. to find out why rocker Dave Grohl is also confused.

Source: NBC New York

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