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This Cleansing Stick Is a Travel Must-Have—And It’s Great for Everyday, Too



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I’m a travel and beauty writer, which means two things: 1) I’m pretty much always on the go, and 2) I’m constantly testing skincare and makeup products, which, given my ultra-sensitive skin, can sometimes cause more harm than good. My skincare routine is pretty no-frills and low maintenance: I cleanse and moisturize, and, on a good day, I’ll lather on SPF and eye cream.

I try my best to maintain my lazy girl skincare routine while on the road, but sometimes, the in-room, property-branded cleansers don’t quite cut it when it comes to removing makeup. I also don’t like to travel with liquid products for fear of accidentally spilling them. So, when getting ready for bed aimlessly scrolling my TikTok feed one night about a week before I was set to jet to France for a work trip, I was psyched to come across a video featuring Jones Road’s The Cleansing Stick. The product isn’t exactly new—it was released a little over a year ago—but seeing it in action was enough to convince me to shell out a cool $34, a charge my husband definitely wasn’t expecting to see on our credit card bill (sorry!).

Jones Road Beauty Cleansing Stick

This solid oil cleansing stick ended up coming a few days before my trip, and I was psyched to try it out at home. I joke that it looks and works like a giant glue stick. I started by rolling it all over my face—including my eyes—then, I splashed on some water so that the formula turned into a milky texture.

After rinsing, I went in with a towel and watched in awe as all the gunk — essentially melted off my face and onto said towel. If I’m wearing waterproof mascara or liner, I’ll sometimes go in with the stick for a second round of cleansing to clean up the undereye area (no raccoon eyes here!). Although the stick’s surface can get dirty with makeup residue, it can easily be wiped clean with a towel, tissue, toilet paper, or washcloth (I’ve used all four).


Additionally, not only is its compact size and solid stick format convenient for on-the-go use, but its nourishing formula is suitable for sensitive-skinned folks like yours truly. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my skin was completely free of any redness or irritation. That’s because it’s spiked with moisturizing and anti-inflammatory powerhouses like avocado and jojoba oils. With this in mind, it’s also great for the colder months, when skin can get dry and dehydrated. TL;DR: Consider this your sign to snag the cleansing stick before winter officially kicks in and wreaks havoc on your skin.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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