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This Role Made Hugh Jackman Question His Parenting



Hugh Jackman is one of Hollywood’s most versatile actors, a performer who is as willing to tackle roles in musical comedy as he is to bulk up for action epics. A popular theater performer who has received acclaim from both critics and fans, Jackman has a lot of exciting projects in the works. His most recent film appearance is earning him a lot of buzz, and in a recent interview with Stephen Colbert, Jackman opened up about what it was like to film The Son, and why he adjusted his own approach to parenting after immersing himself in the character he portrayed.

Hugh Jackman’s role in ‘The Son’

Hugh Jackman speaks at a screening of “The Son” I John Lamparski/Getty Images

The Son tells the story of Peter, played by Jackman, a man married to his second wife and enjoying life with their baby. Peter’s life is turned upside down when his ex, Kate, shows up at his house and tells him that their son, 17-year-old Nicholas, is suffering from depression and has dropped out of school.

Even though Peter barely knows his older son, he allows Nicholas to move into his house. Things are tense from the beginning, with Nicholas exhibiting resentment toward’s Peter’s new wife. By the end of the film, a tragedy shakes Peter to his core — changing the dynamics of the family forever and making Peter wonder what could have been. Jackman’s performance as Peter has earned him acclaim, including a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Motion Picture — Drama.

What did Hugh Jackman say about approaching parenting differently after filming ‘The Son’?

Playing Peter affected Jackman deeply — and in a recent interview with Stephen Colbert, the actor opened up about his big takeaways after filming The Son. “I’m a different parent now because of it,” he said, recalling how his own father’s death affected the performance he gave, and how he now approaches his time with his children. “I think I’m more open to being vulnerable with them, saying things like ‘I’m not sure’ or realizing that sometimes I may be preoccupied by something going on with me.”

He went on to say, “And then realizing that they may think they’ve done something and just me not communicating because I’m thinking, ‘I don’t want to burden them with that,’ doesn’t help…So, now I find myself saying, ‘hey guys, sorry if I feel distant, I’m really nervous about this thing and if I’ve gone off my head, it’s nothing to do with you.’”


Jackman said that his family does seem to “appreciate” the changes that he’s implemented, saying that the idea of “communicating more” is valuable for almost any family situation.

What’s next for Hugh Jackman?

Jackman has a lot of exciting projects on the horizon. Not only is the actor fresh off a revival of the hit Broadway show The Music Man, but he’s preparing to reprise his role as Wolverine in the highly-anticipated film Deadpool 3, opposite Ryan Reynolds. Although Jackman had previously stated that his turn in the popular film Logan would be his last run as the superhero, the allure of acting opposite Reynolds in a Deadpool film proved to be too much for the Hollywood veteran to resist. 

For Jackman, who has built his reputation on likability and versatility, the coming years could prove to be his best yet. Fans can see Jackman now in the movie The Son, which is playing in select theaters.

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