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Tim Scott draws boos during chaotic ‘View’ appearance, forcing Whoopi Goldberg to apologize



“The View” co-hosts were joined by Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., on Monday after he announced his 2024 campaign, and once again a Republican guest earned boos from audience members.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg scolded the audience after audibly booing Scott, who said he believed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, R., “started off on the right foot” with his feud with Disney “as it relates to kids.” 

“No, no, no, I’m sorry, sir,” Goldberg said to the audience after they booed him. “This is ‘The View.’ We accept – we don’t have to believe everything people say, but you cannot boo people here, please. You cannot do it. Please continue.” 

Goldberg similarly shut down the audience after they booed New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, R., who joined the hosts on May 25. Sununu was at the time mulling a White House run of his own but announced Monday he would not jump into the ring.

Sen. Tim Scott speaks to Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin during an appearance on “The View” on June 5, 2023. (Screenshot/ABC/TheView)



DeSantis had spirited but respectful exchanges on the show on Monday, but the crowd turned on him when left-wing pundit Ana Navarro angrily asked him about DeSantis, whom she openly detests, and his War on Woke.

“So I think protecting our kids from the indoctrination that’s happening in our culture today is an important part of the equation,” Scott said. “I’d also go a step further and say, listen, the radical left is getting involved from a corporate perspective on a number of issues… [like the] Georgia state law, which was supposedly the Jim Crow 2.0. The fact of the matter is when we look at the results of the last election, what we saw was not Jim Crow 2.0. What we saw was an actually record-breaking number of African Americans not only voting but also succeeding at the ballot box.”

Goldberg and co-host Sunny Hostin also pressed Scott on how Republicans were making progress on the issue of race. At one point, Goldberg walked over and put her arm around Hostin as Scott addressed them both, noting he had a diverse Senate staff as well.

Scott added that he helped lower taxes in 2017 for people like his single mother by 73%.  

Tim Scott and Sunny Hostin

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., appeared on ABC’s “The View” on Monday and called out the hosts for their “offensive, disgusting” comments about race. (Screenshot/ABC)


“You’re only one Black senator out of 50,” Hostin said. 

“Let’s take a look at the number of African Americans that have served in the Senate in the last 10 years,” he said. “Mo Cowan from Massachusetts, you have Cory Booker, you have myself, you have Kamala Harris, you have [Raphael] Warnock.” 


He said the U.S. was making measurable progress and would continue to do so but was told by a producer for the show, who walked on set, that they had to go to commercial. 

Senator Tim Scott speaks to reporters

Senator Tim Scott, a Republican from South Carolina, during a campaign event at New Hampshire Institute of Politics in Manchester, New Hampshire, US, on Thursday, May 25, 2023. (Photographer: M. Scott Brauer/Bloomberg via Getty Images)


Scott appeared to be enjoying himself on the show, playfully standing up to give a sermon of sorts at one point when Goldberg cut him off to go to commercial. In the next segment, Goldberg had the producer personally come on stage to tell Scott they had to cut for break.

Scott sat for three segments and at one point criticized the hosts earlier for previous comments they made after he announced his campaign for president. Joy Behar, who wasn’t present, had said Scott didn’t understand systemic racism in remarks that drew a sharp rebuke from Scott and other conservatives.

“I’m on the show because of the comments made frankly on this show that the only way for a young African American kid to be successful in this country is to be the exception and not the rule. That’s a dangerous, offensive, disgusting message to send to our young people today, that the only way to succeed is by being the exception,” Scott said. 

Source: Fox News

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