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Today tattoo: Lambrecht wants these songs to say goodbye



And goodbye!

The crème de la crème of the defense industry and politics gather in the Bendlerblock on Tuesday evening to say goodbye to the hapless ex-Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (54, SPD) with a big tattoo (the highest military ceremony in the Bundeswehr according to protocol).

Before Lambrecht, only three women were dismissed from office with this form of military honors: Defense Ministers Ursula von der Leyen (64) and Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (60) and Chancellor Angela Merkel (68, all CDU).

Defense Minister Boris Pistorius (63, SPD) invited to the ceremony for his predecessor. The guest list includes high-ranking military officials, former generals and the entire traffic light cabinet.

A snippet of the letter of invitation

Photo: Federal Ministry of Defence


The social democrat was allowed to wish three songs for her farewell, which the staff music corps of the Bundeswehr played for her: “Never goes one so completely” by Trude Herr and Jürgen Fritz, the Hessian flag march (composed by Landgrave Ludwig VIII of Hesse-Darmstadt in 1732) and “March of the Hessian District Regiment and the Landgraf Regiment” she is said to have submitted according to “Media Pioneer”. With this, the Hessian lets the inner courtyard of the Ministry of Defense ring out in tones from her homeland.

After 13 months in office and numerous mishaps, the social democrat gave up in January. For example, she had caused irritation with a helicopter flight (with her son on board) to an antenna field, since the suspicion could not be dispelled that she had only visited the Bundeswehr location so that it was not so far to Sylt , where she then went on vacation.

She was ridiculed in the Bundestag plenum when she explained that the anti-aircraft gun Gepard was not a tank. Her New Year’s Eve video also caused a stir. It was not only poorly made, but also lacked empathy towards the people of Ukraine.

There was also disappointment within the troops about the top boss, also because they felt neglected. Repeat orders for military equipment handed over to Ukraine were hardly placed under her leadership – despite the budget pot available for this.

History of the Tattoo

The origins of tattoos go back to the time of the lansquenets in the 16th century. At that time, a troop commander in inns and taverns announced the beginning of the night’s rest by stroking the spigots of the beverage barrels – hence the name “Zapfenstreich”.

After that, the innkeepers were no longer allowed to serve to the soldiers. Over the centuries, this signal was musically enriched by playing trumpets, flutes and drums.

The ceremonial originated in its current form in the early 19th century during the wars of liberation, when the ritual was supplemented by a short evening song and then a prayer.


Today, the Great Tattoo of the German Armed Forces consists of the “luring” of the minstrels, the performance of the music corps and the mounted troops, a prayer and the national anthem.

Source: Asia Times

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