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Tourists seek ‘sunset solace’ in Türkiye’s Cappadocia



As the scorching sun beats down relentlessly upon Cappadocia, visitors are finding refuge in the picturesque Kızılçukur Valley, a haven renowned for its captivating sunsets.

As the temperatures soar to 38-40 degrees Celsius (100-104 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day, a shadow has been cast over daily life in Nevşehir, echoing the prevailing conditions across the region. Both domestic and international tourists flock to the area’s tourism hubs, opting to explore underground cities and shaded enclaves to escape the searing heat.

As the evening sun ushers in a relatively cooler climate, hovering around 30 degrees, tourists ascend the dominant hills to witness the stunning spectacle of the sunset. Amid the fairy chimneys, these intrepid travelers revel in the unique experience, undeterred by the lingering warmth.

Kızılçukur Valley, famed for its unparalleled sunset vistas, draws lengthy lines of vehicles as visitors gather to bid adieu to the day amid the backdrop of ethereal fairy chimneys. Cameras click and memories are captured as the sun dips below the horizon.

Some tourists also find solace amid the 2009 sculptures crafted by Australian artist Andrew Rogers, nestled within Cappadocia’s Karadağ locality.

For those seeking wedding photos featuring the breathtaking backdrop, horse-drawn tours have gained popularity. These tours offer a serene opportunity to bask in the valley’s serenity while taking in the panoramic sunset views.


Muhammet Aydemir, a tourist among the crowd, told Anadolu Agency (AA) about his pleasant experiences during his stay in Cappadocia, remarking, “The place offers exquisite landscapes both in the morning and evening.”

Brazilian tourist Virginia Nunes, traveling with her group of friends, expressed her admiration for the region’s climatic conditions and its captivating geographical charm, saying, “Cappadocia showcases its splendor during both sunrise and sunset.”

Sakibe Özboğa, hailing from Antalya, reveled in the kaleidoscope of colors that grace the horizon as the sun gracefully descends.

Özay Onur, chairperson of the Nevşehir Chamber of Guides, affirmed that Cappadocia’s allure transforms with each passing hour. In August, the region experienced its hottest days on record, with scorching temperatures contrasted by the night’s cool embrace. Kızılçukur Valley, among the world’s top 10 sunset-watching locations, offers a serene oasis of comfort as the day wanes.

“A delightful coolness descends as the sun sets, and visitors revel in the view. Amid the daytime heat, the Kızılçukur Valley has become a sought-after sanctuary for tourists. Cappadocia presents its allure in all its glory, regardless of the hour or season. We take pride in accompanying local and foreign tourist groups to truly immerse in our region’s rich offerings,” Onur noted.

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