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Tropical Storm Ophelia triggers coastal flooding along Jersey Shore



CBS News New York


MANASQUAN, N.J. — Tropical Storm Ophelia triggered coastal flooding in parts of New Jersey on Saturday.

Even approaching low tide, the water in Manasquan Inlet nipped at the edge of the boardwalk. At high tide, water spilled over bulkheads and filled streets down the the Jersey Shore.

Waves blasted against the sea wall and spilled over into Ocean Drive in Avalon.


In Beach Haven, the force of the wind spawned by Ophelia howled into the microphone as rain pelted the lens, and the angry ocean ate away at the sand.

The roadway proved impassable for a Volkswagen stuck sitting in flood waters. The fate of a car with flashers was uncertain. Either the driver blared flashers for safety or their car stalled out, too.

CBS New York’s John Elliott braves the elements to cover Tropical Storm Ophelia


Folks strolled through the ankle-, knee-, even thigh-deep water. Carli Peters and Jonathan Kelly braved the elements to drop coins at the arcade.

“I think it’s crazy, but honestly, if you’re wearing shorts, it’s kind of fun to walk through the water,” Peters said.


“I’ve seen it flooded like this a little bit, but it’s pretty bad out today,” Kelly said.

Melissa Juliano visited Beach Haven for a bridal shower that was still on, despite the deluge.

“Not the weekend that I had planned. It’s also my 60th birthday weekend,” she said. “I think this is cuckoo, cuckoo.”

Beth DeMartin was celebrating her birthday, too, with big plans for dinner washed out.

She declares this is coastal living.  

“It’s happened before. I just wasn’t here at the time,” she said.


Source: CBS

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