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Trump Tells Newsmax He’ll Give Cops Immunity to Deport Migrants En Masse



Donald Trump doesn’t just want immunity for himself—he wants to give it to cops across the nation should he win the election, granting them the authority to deport migrants en masse from the U.S.

Calling into Newsmax’s The Chris Salcedo Show on Monday, Trump and Salcedo chatted through the GOP’s talking points on the border crisis. Trump disparaged migrants as “rough people” who hailed from “mental institutions,” eventually leading Salcedo to question how Trump would address the issue if he defeats Joe Biden in November.

“The Democrats are using the illegal aliens to give them the vote in certain municipalities, and they’re also using them to pad the census,” Salcedo falsely asserted. “Given the fact that no foreign national has a right to be here in the United States, will you order mass deportations if you win the White House?”

Trump affirmed he would, saying his administration would have “no choice” but to evict the migrants from the country.

“We’ll start with the bad ones, and you know who knows who they are? Local police,” Trump said. “Local police have to be given back their authority and they have to be given back their respect and immunity. We’re going to give them the immunity. And they know by the first name, the middle name and the last name, and they will take them out, and they will— we will get them out.”

The comments echoed the former president’s commitment to be a “dictator”—but only on “day one” of his second term—comments Trump later tried to pass off as a joke.


Trump, who will fight to secure the notion of presidential immunity in front of the Supreme Court next month, has previously claimed migrants are the largest proponents of violent crime and vote manipulation. He claimed just before the Iowa caucuses that millions of immigrants were signing up to vote illegally despite scant evidence of migrants doing so.

The U.S. Constitution only permits U.S. citizens to vote in elections.

Source: The Daily Beast

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