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Türkiye’s Feb. 6 disaster causes surge in vertigo cases: Expert



A significant uptick in the number of vertigo cases has been seen since the major earthquakes that rocked the country’s southern region in February, according to a medical expert.

“Depending on the frequency and magnitude of aftershocks of the twin earthquakes, the complaints of vertigo and dizziness among people are expected to continue for one or two years,” said Talih Özdaş, an associate professor from Adana City Training and Research Hospital.

The movement of crystals in the inner ear triggered by the seismic activity is believed to be responsible for this surge in vertigo cases, according to the expert.

The number of patients seeking treatment for vertigo and related dizziness symptoms has doubled compared to pre-earthquake times, Özdaş said, noting that the symptoms could persist for an extended period due to ongoing aftershocks.

While dizziness can be triggered by various factors, including psychological stress, low blood pressure, low blood sugar levels and dehydration, the seismic activity has exacerbated these symptoms, he elaborated.

“Anxiety, which is already known to be a trigger for dizziness and vertigo, has been exacerbated by the continuous aftershocks, leading to increased stress levels among the affected population,” he stated.


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