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Türkiye’s National Library week marked in newly opened Rami Library



The event to mark the “59th Library Week” in Türkiye was held Tuesday evening in Istanbul’s largest library complex – Rami Library opened in January this year as the newest addition to the spectra of significant cultural projects undertaken in the last few years.

Literature professor Işıl Ilknur Sert joined book lovers and students as part of the “59th Library Week,” the central theme of which was determined as “Library Heals,” and gave a speech titled “A Journey from the Rami Library to the Libraries of the Future.”

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Sert noted that libraries and librarians are essential sources in the development of humanity, explaining that libraries, apart from being the places where books are read, are also the places where a variety of activities are being held.

Referring to the different workshops held at the Presidential National Library, Sert said, “When I used to meet people at Library Weeks, I used to show them examples from abroad. Now I show examples from Türkiye. (That’s) what makes one proud.”

‘Places to make noise’

Pointing to the radical change experienced by libraries, Sert noted that while talking about the future libraries, it is seen that they are the places where “sound is made.”

“I can say that libraries are also publishers. There are definitely quiet reading areas, but now there are activity halls. People now carry out their own productions in these halls. Especially there is a concept that we term as ‘maker space’ (production halls), we see these movements (workshops) in university libraries in our country,” Sert explained. She also added that similar studies and concepts are developed in the libraries affiliated with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.


Elaborating on e-books and the growing number of libraries being established, even in shopping centers, Sert underlined that human resources are the essential element of future libraries.

“The most important part is to educate people. You cannot remove people from the middle. You have to do social activities, and you have to ensure that libraries are used as a place for socialization,” she underscored.

Professor Işıl Ilknur delivers a speech as part of the “59th Library Week” program held at Rami Library, Istanbul, Türkiye, March 28, 2023. (AA Photo)

Noting that municipalities set up beautiful libraries, Sert emphasized the need to bring Generation Z closer to the libraries. “It’s not that Generation Z does not understand us, we need to understand them. The Alpha generation will come next. There are generational differences in this sense. At this point, we must deliver such services so that we can garner their attention,” she said.

‘Libraries should be sustainable’

Sert emphasized that Rami Library is an example of the libraries of the future as it received Türkiye’s first Biosphere sustainable museum certificate.


“The libraries of the future need to be sustainable. At this point, Rami Library has a really important structure. It has both restoration techniques and an infrastructure system. A new place has been presented to the people of Istanbul. The library is a very good investment and an example for the libraries of the future.”

Adding that libraries should be compatible with technology while meeting the needs of the public, Sert said: “It is necessary to work hand in hand with professional associations to employ qualified personnel. These activities cannot be held without qualified personnel. Our libraries should become places of socialization. We should also expand library membership, make promotions and support events in this regard, and lead in new activities. We will shape the libraries of the future together.”

Rami Library, with more than 250 years of history, was revived from former military barracks and is open 24 hours a day, offering a vast inventory of more than 2 million books. It has been designed as a large campus with individual and group reading halls, activity areas and workshop spaces. It also serves as a space for seminars, exhibitions and conversations.

National Library Week has been marked in Türkiye since 1964; this year it began on March 27 and will last until April 2, 2023.

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Source: Daily Sabah

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