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Türkiye’s ‘Water Efficiency Campaign’ kicks off in Ankara



To tackle the global threat of water shortage, Türkiye launched a water efficiency campaign led by first lady Emine Erdoğan on Tuesday.

The introductory meeting for the “Water Efficiency Campaign” was held at the Presidency Congress and Culture Center in Ankara. The meeting was attended by Agriculture and Forestry Minister Vahit Kirişci, Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum and Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank.

“Due to the gradual decrease in precipitation and unconscious water consumption, our agricultural lands, wetlands, streams and underground water resources are facing drought threat. For people, who cannot survive even three days without water, we need to remind ourselves that the fight against drought is actually a struggle for survival. I believe we will raise hope for a livable future with the water efficiency campaign, which we have started with this perspective,” Erdoğan said at the launching ceremony in Ankara.

The campaign aims to prevent water wastage in homes, workplaces and industry, establish legal infrastructure, use modern irrigation methods in agriculture and raise public awareness in Türkiye, which is experiencing water shortage due to climate change.

Erdoğan said the world’s access to fresh water is less than 1% of the total water in the world and while water is the most basic human right, globally, three out of 10 people do not have access to safe water. She added pollution or inaccessibility of water brings many economic and political problems in the world, such as risks for food production.

“It is estimated that water scarcity will displace 700 million people in 2030, while humans still cannot cope even with the mass migrations triggered by conflicts,” Erdoğan added.


“The alarming situation in the world, unfortunately, does not differ in our country. Türkiye is a water-stressed country with 1,519 cubic meters of usable water per capita per year. It is thought that this amount will decrease to 1,120 cubic meters in 2030 with the increasing population and uncontrolled water use. When it goes below 1,000 cubic meters, we will face water scarcity,” she highlighted.

If Türkiye does not take measures to prevent the situation, the first lady warned, it is estimated that the country’s water resources will decrease by 25% soon, and in the next eight years, almost half of the population and 78% of irrigated agricultural areas may face severe water shortages.

“Let’s protect our future together with the belief that ‘water is the homeland,’” Erdoğan added.

Speaking at the same event, Kirişci underscored Türkiye is a country that suffers from water shortages. “Unfortunately, because of global climate change, our world today is threatened by water scarcity, drought and even desertification. Despite this pessimistic picture, the good news is that if we take the necessary measures, we have the opportunity to reverse or at least mitigate all these negativities,” Kirisci added.

“It is no longer a choice but a necessity to manage the resources we have, to manage them correctly, and to develop new environmentally friendly technologies,” he said. “We set out with the theme of ‘Zero Loss in Water’ in order to protect our national wealth, water, with the awareness of mobilization.”

For his part, Varank said Türkiye has to act before disasters happen, adding if the right steps are not taken, the period when the need for water shapes all geopolitics and major conflicts will arise because of this.

Meanwhile, Kurum said: ”It is predicted that our country will be among the countries facing the water shortages in the next 20 years if no measures are taken.”


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