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UAE: Good gut health could solve multiple illnesses



Indian celebrity health coach addresses Dubai audience


Good gut health could solve issues of sleep disturbances, constant fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression, according to Indian celebrity health coach, Twinkle Kansal. She warned that eating too much acidic food, not consuming healthy food and being stressed can result in an unhealthy gut.

Kansal was speaking at an informative session organised by Indian Women in Dubai, one of the largest women-only online communities in the emirate. Consul General of India, Dr. Aman Puri and executive chairman and CEO of Buimerc Corporation Limited, Siddharth Balachandran were the chief guests at the event.

Aiming to heal one million people from issues stemming from poor gut health by educating them, she advises people to cook traditionally and follow the rainbow diet — a diet promoting colourful whole foods and natural supplements. She also makes sure to work on water on a cellular level to cure health problems. According to her, the practice of intermittent fasting is aimed at resetting the body and removing toxins.


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