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UAE: New community initiative to enhance the role of Emirati families launched



The country pays special attention to families and creates legislation to protect and develop them

A new community initiative has been rolled out in Dubai in an effort to enhance the role and position of the Emirati family.


The Bader Community Association aims to consolidate the concept of community and voluntary work for the family in Dubai.

This new non-government organisation also aims to support and assist volunteer teams, cooperate with community authorities concerned with the family and society, and enhance family leadership in the creation of knowledge-based community initiatives.

According to the latest data from the Dubai Statistics Center, about 625,000 families live in the emirate of Dubai, with about 2.7 million people, an average of 4.3 people per family.

The UAE pays special attention to the family and harmonises its legislation to protect and develop it.


Speaking to Khaleej Times after the launch of the community initiative, Dr Maryam Hussein Al Balushi, president of the Bader Community Association said the association will work to implement its goals through many practical steps such as providing advisory services that serve the Emirati family and creating an information platform for volunteer work.

“The association will also provide advice on how to build a family volunteer team, hold scientific conferences and symposia, organise training campaigns to develop the skills of family members, conduct specialized studies, and raise awareness of the importance of community and voluntary work in serving the nation,” she said.

Al Balushi indicated that the association will also work on preparing research and studies on societal issues and phenomena related to volunteering and community work, in addition to carrying surveys and analytical and comparative studies in areas related to the association’s work.


Dr Talib Ghuloom, member of the Board of Directors of the Bader Community Association said “Bader” is one of the fruits of a voluntary environment that the UAE has been keen to create and instill in the hearts of its people.

“Interaction with the community about their issues and challenges transforms these challenges into opportunities that advance society and enhance the status of the Emirati family,” he said.

“Communicating with people is the most important building block in maintaining the cohesion of society, its values ​​and its cultural heritage, and this is what Bader seeks to invest to serve the community of the UAE.”


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