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UAE to integrate biometrics of school students into population registry



The process is conducted through field visits, eliminating the need for pupils to visit customer happiness centres

In a joint effort between the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC), and the UAE Ministry of Education, the second phase of the ‘Closer to You’ initiative has been launched. The initiative aims to integrate the biometrics of school students aged 15 and above into the FAIC’s population registry system.


The process is conducted through field visits, through a collaboration between the General Directorate of Identity and Passport Affairs and the Emirates Foundation for School Education, eliminating the need for students to visit customer happiness centres. These specialised teams are dedicated to conducting biometric operations and ensuring access to student data, all within a scheduled timeline.

Parents are urged to motivate their children to register for the initiative through the mobile platforms provided during these field visits.


Major General Saeed Saif Al Khaili, Director-General of the FAIC, emphasised the authority’s dedication to developing integrated and comprehensive services. He also explained that the second phase of the initiative, titled ‘Closer to You’, represents the continuation of the FAIC’s and the UAE Ministry of Education’s efforts.

The first phase commenced during February and March of the 2022-2023 academic year, encompassing schools across the country. The aim was to facilitate communication and interaction between government institutions and various community members, while simplifying the process for parents to include their children’s biometrics during their presence at school.

He stressed the importance of developing government service portfolios and their active role in elevating service quality in an integrated manner, supporting the UAE Government’s 2021-2025 strategy for government services.

Al Khaili highlighted the successful during the first phase of field visits surpassing the target, the initiative saw an actual 192 per cent inclusion rate of students’ biometrics within the first month, with 1,923 students from 91 different schools across the country.


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