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Union Berlin: leaders! Can Union really become champions?



“Frontrunner, frontrunner, hey, hey!”

“Take off the Bavarians’ lederhosen!”

“Only the FCU will be German champions!”

The fan chants of the Union fans on Saturday afternoon shortly after 5.30 p.m. in the An der alten Försterei stadium, after the Berliners took the lead in the Bundesliga with a 2-1 win over Mainz! Because the previous leader FC Bayern is only playing this Sunday.

Can Union really become champions?


► One thing is clear: The Berliners are still undefeated in 2023! Four wins in the league, one win in the cup on Tuesday. The last home defeat in the Bundesliga was 51 (!) weeks ago. On February 13, 2022 Dortmund lost 3-0.

► The Unioners have a lot of self-confidence, they still fight back against Mainz even after the late goal shock (penalty Ingvartsen / 78th). Mainz sports director Schmidt: “They’re not standing there in vain because they’re in the right place at the right time.”

► The Berliners have the master looseness! When asked by Sky whether he had sung along with the fans’ master chants, Union captain Trimmel said with a grin: “Of course! There’s a bit of irony in that. We enjoy the snapshot.”

Ouch!!!! Adeyemi cracks from jubilation grape

But Berliners are still down-to-earth and reserved. Trimmel: “There’s still a long way to go. Of course we want to stay up there, but we’re not talking about the championship. In the cup you could see that Bayern are on the right track. We’re not that interested in the table now.”

Coach Fischer: “39 points – that’s crazy, unbelievable.”

► 39 points after 19 matchdays are a masterful result! In the 2019/20 season, permanent champions Bayern also had 39 points after 19 match days.


► Union has the nerve to defend a top position: In autumn, Union was the front runner for seven consecutive matchdays (matchdays 6 to 12).

► Union has a top defensive (23 goals conceded) and a super attack (33 goals). Behrens scored against Mainz, who executed from three meters after a sharp Seguin cross (32nd) – and Jordan, who slammed the ball in from nine meters (84th).

Source: Asia Times

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