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Union legend Nikol: Hall closed, new hall wanted



The year is coming to an end and Ronny Nikol (48) is looking. In the spring, the Union legend ended the chapter “Bobo Fuego” after more than ten years.

Where his soccer hall stood in Weißensee, apartments are being built – probably typically Berlin. But after the hall is before the hall. Nikol examines new options: “In the end I noticed how many were sad about the end. The need is there right now, this time of year. And there is no such thing in the East anymore.”

Nikol continues: “I have something in mind that sounds interesting. But there are a few question marks that need to be clarified.” Meanwhile, Nikol didn’t have to think long about the topic of the traditional Union team. Whenever the iron called, he was there in 2022. Whether outside or like last time in the hall. He just can’t do without football.

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Although he retired more than eight years ago, he looks like he did when he was a pro. Nikol: “Maybe I have a kilo more than before. I fluctuate between 77 and 78 kilos.”

The former left winger explains: “I need sport, I need to move. And I pay a little attention to the food, be careful there.” Nikol with a laugh: “Maybe I’m a bit vain.”

Source: Asia Times

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