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‘Vanderpump Rules’: James Kennedy’s 5 Most Hilarious Moments on the Bravo Show 



Vanderpump Rules star James Kennedy has brought plenty of laughs to the Bravo reality show. Enjoy looking back on some of the DJ’s most hilarious moments on screen, and remember… it’s not about the pasta.

1. ‘It’s not about the pasta!’

In Vanderpump Rules season 6, episode 6, James Kennedy and Lala Kent got into a shouting match over… pasta?

When Lala made a joke about eating James’ then-girlfriend Raquel Leviss’ pasta, the DJ became defensive and started attacking Lala’s relationship with Randall Emmett. The scene ends with James following Lala out of the restaurant and repeating, “It’s not about the pasta!”

The line became so iconic that James used it in the name of his podcast, It’s Not About the Podcast.

2. Rotten tomatoes

During a confessional on Vanderpump Rules season 7, episode 4, James Kennedy again went after Lala Kent’s then-boyfriend Randall Emmett.


He revealed that Emmett’s 2018 movie Gotti received a 0% score on Rotten Tomatoes. “It’s clearly harder to get a 0% than it is a 100%,” he laughed, adding that the rating lumped Gotti in with other films like Police Academy 4 and Max Steel

3. Imitating Jax Taylor’s engagement photo

In season 7, episode 2 of Vanderpump Rules, the cast celebrated Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s engagement. 

During a confessional, James mocks the proposal by imitating Jax’s facial expression from the couple’s engagement photo announcement on Instagram.

James’ expression is so devilish and spot-on that it made for one of his best moments on the show.

4. ‘More Cosmopolitans! Pumptini!’

Season 5, episode 3 of Vanderpump Rules shows a memorable argument between Jax and James. When James attacked Jax’s profession as a bartender, Jax fired back by slamming James’ DJ work. 

James tried to put Jax in his place by reminding him that he had customers waiting at the bar. “They need to take an order, Jax, they need to take an order!” he shouted, clapping his hands between words for emphasis. “You need to get more Cosmopolitans! Pumptini!”


5. Imitating Stassi Schroeder ‘crawling’ back to ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Vanderpump Rules season 5, episode 2 shows James Kennedy cracking up his castmates during the reunion with his impression of Stassi Schroeder. He was poking fun at her for returning to the show after leaving to start a new life in New York.

“Oh, shut up, Stassi, look at you… you came crawling back from New York [crawls on the ground with one hand outstretched], ‘Please, please!’ So stop it!”

Everyone laughed; even James’ enemy, Jax, said he was “funny today.”

Source: Cheat Sheet


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