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‘Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent Says You Can’t Compare Her Hookup with James to ‘Scandoval’: ‘I Didn’t Owe Raquel Anything’



Cheating is nothing new in the Vanderpump Rules world. As people are discussing the scandalous affair between Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval, some Vanderpump Rules fans are reminded of Lala Kent’s hookup with James Kennedy that occurred when he was still dating Leviss. However, according to Kent, the two situations are not comparable.

On ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ Lala Kent admitted to hooking up with James Kennedy

During earlier seasons of Vanderpump Rules, there were often a lot of romance rumors surrounding Kent and Kennedy because of how close they were. However, they both denied ever hooking up with one another.

Yet, on recent episodes of Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent finally admitted to Leviss and a few of their friends that she did hook up with Kennedy back when she had just started dating Randall Emmett and Kennedy had just begun dating Leviss.

“James and I, when we were both very new in our relationships, definitely hooked up,” she said. “We went to Chicago [in 2016], and we started drinking before we got on the plane.”

When Leviss asked Kennedy about it, he eventually fessed up, saying, “It wasn’t a good decision. Obviously, we were both drunk, and alcohol was to blame. I mean, she was in bed and literally did not let me leave the room.”


Lala Kent says her situation is not the same as Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval

On her podcast, Give Them Lala, Kent opened up about her hookup with Kennedy and why she didn’t talk about it much sooner. As Kent put it, their hookup was a drunken mistake. While going through sobriety, she didn’t feel like it was something worth sharing with people.

“I didn’t owe Raquel anything. We weren’t friends,” Kent said. “And also she was now in a happy relationship — so was I. It didn’t serve anybody, me telling that. When you start practicing the steps [of Alcoholics Anonymous], you also have to [consider], ‘If I tell this person this, is it going to be beneficial to either of us? Is it going to have a domino effect of people being affected by it?’”

Kent added, “I put it to bed. I gotta move on so that I can stay sober.”

She also pointed out that, sometime during season 7, it was mentioned that Leviss and Kennedy’s relationship did not officially start until they moved in together. Kent said they moved in together “at least two years” after her hookup with Kennedy. As such, Kent does not think this situation is comparable to what Leviss has done.

Lala Kent wondered if she ‘shouldn’t have told’ Leviss about the hookup

Back in February, Page Six asked Kent about her confession to Leviss. Kent shared that she was mostly focused on getting “all of my skeletons out” and “making amends to people who I’ve affected.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have told [Leviss about the hookup] because she was upset about it, but hindsight’s 20/20,” Kent said. “I felt in the moment that I was doing something that I needed to do for both of us because we were in a great place, and I wanted to move forward with her. I just couldn’t move forward with her knowing that I had been someone who I’m not proud of.”


Source: Cheat Sheet

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