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Vanderpump Rules’ Scheana Shay Will Always Be ‘Good as Gold’ to Me



Anyone who tells me they don’t like Scheana Shay on Vanderpump Rules gets to hear how the “Good as Gold” singer made one of the worst days of my life somewhat bearable.

As I waited for a call from my veterinarian, all I could do is lay next to my sweet Alley’s lifeless body and screen a new season of Vanderpump Rules like a zombie.

After 13 wonderful years, my bad-to-the-bone Lab mix dog woke up at 6 a.m. on a sunny September day. Had breakfast, asked for extra snuggles, and then died suddenly in my arms. She wasn’t sick (at least I didn’t think she was). So needless to say this sudden death was more than shocking.

Complicating matters is I was completely alone. My husband was out of town, our vet was closed. It was 2021 so we were still in the middle of the pandemic. I was scheduled to interview Scheana and Brock Davies the next day and I wasn’t sure I was in the headspace to move forward.

It took six hours before my veterinarian was able to receive Alley’s body and all I could do while I waited was watch Vanderpump Rules on a loop, not comprehending what was happening during the season 9 premiere, while still trying to numb what just happened.

By Sunday evening I remembered that the Monday morning Zoom interview was audio only. My face was swollen from crying – certainly not a good look for an interview.


I was scheduled to interview the ‘Good as Gold’ singer the next day

The next morning I pulled myself together, thankful that I was a longtimeVanderpump Rules viewer so doing the interview should come naturally. But all I could think of was seeing the moment the life left Alley’s eyes and the chill of being alone without my sweet girl overwhelmed me.

Hours before the interview, the rep from Bravo had good news. Scheana’s glam squad arrived so she was prepared to do the interview on camera. My face was still no bueno so I had to be off-camera – I didn’t want to terrify Scheana. I explained to the rep what had happened the day before and of course, she understood.

I pulled myself together, ready to get the tea on season 9. As I clicked the Zoom link and Brock and Scheana appeared, I could feel myself leaning into the discussion, laughing a little, feeling less numb. The sudden death of my beloved dog still stubbornly sat in the back of my mind, but for those 20 minutes, I was able to escape.

Scheana and Brock were charming and sweet, enthusiastic about the new season and becoming parents for the first time. As a mom of two grown children, I love seeing photos and videos of the Vanderbabies on Instagram. So I asked Scheana if her infant daughter, Summer Moon was there with her and if she join our interview.

Scheana Shay essentially gave me the virtual hug I needed

Summer Moon was likely just off-camera because, in an instant, the child joined her parents. For some reason, seeing this new life with her parents brought me comfort. As if I was given a virtual hug – something I didn’t get for more than a week after Alley died because I was isolated. The interview didn’t change my life. But it gave me 20 minutes to breathe.

That first interview with Scheana stayed with me. In the middle of my pain and trying to muddle through being professional, Scheana’s openness to make a connection and provide me with a small ray of light made all the difference.

To this day I don’t know if Scheana knew my dog had just suddenly died. Or if she wondered why I didn’t conduct the interview on camera. But the small act of being kind and sharing her life made me an unshakable fan and she will forever be “Good as Gold.”


Source: Cheat Sheet

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