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Vienna: Samantha (20) was “raped to death”



Vienna – “The act is so cruel that even experienced lawyers and doctors are stunned by what happened on the night of June 19, 2022.”

These are the words of the Vienna public prosecutor, spoken at the trial of Fabian W. (26) and Manuel H. (31). The two men are accused of “raping to death” Samantha F. († 20).

Serious injuries in the intimate area

As Austrian media reports, the crime is said to have happened as follows: The victim and W. knew each other on Facebook and had regular sexual intercourse. In the later blood-smeared 36-square-meter apartment of the 26-year-old, they sat together with Manuel H. on that fateful evening, drinking Jägermeister and whiskey.

Then Fabian W. left the house drunk. Manuel H. – in whose blood cannabis and steroids were found in addition to alcohol – is said to have raped the 20-year-old and then went in search of his buddy. When the two men returned to the apartment, they allegedly sexually assaulted Samantha F after a brief argument.

Apparently, the abuse increased to excess, the violent perpetrators spurred each other on to ever new perversities, according to media reports. They are said to have shouted “Try whether it can go further in!” and “Firm, firm!” while they are said to have inflicted serious injuries on the woman with objects in her genital area. Samantha F. eventually died from her enormous blood loss.

Samantha begged for mercy in vain

Manuel H. (31) is fully confessed and is a heavy burden on his former buddy


Photo: Roman Ruhrich

According to a witness, she is said to have pleaded for mercy – in vain. The public prosecutor’s office about the last minutes in the life of the 20-year-old: “She said no. she screamed She cried. She fought back with all her might.” Because the fully sane men had an intent to kill to cover up the rape, the prosecution is asking for a murder conviction.

Unbelievable: In the meantime, the 26-year-old made an emergency call – for himself. He had stepped on a shard and had himself treated. “He didn’t say a word to the rescue workers from the 20-year-old dying woman,” writes the “Krone”.

Accused dialed 911 for himself

The two buddies have now become opponents. According to the defense, Fabian W. rejects “any guilt”, only accuses himself of failing to provide assistance. The DNA traces all incriminated Manuel H.

He pleads guilty comprehensively, also heavily incriminates his former friend. Fabian W. is said to have said when he saw Samantha F. crying and found out about the rape by H.: “Now it doesn’t matter anyway. Now we can try things right away.”

When asked about the judge’s why, the 31-year-old replied: “All I can say is that I wasn’t myself. I don’t want to make excuses, but maybe that was my use of the steroids. I wanted to be on the bodybuilder stage.”

The verdict is expected later this week.


Source: Asia Times

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