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Violent threats surge as Trump team readies for possible hush money indictment – live



Donald Trump vows to stay in 2024 race if he faces criminal charges

A rally in support of embattled former president Donald Trump in New York on Monday afternoon was so sparsely attended that one reporter at the scene estimated the ratio of journalists to protesters was five to one.

The former president had called for protests after claiming he will be arrested on Tuesday by Manhattan prosecutors investigating hush money payments to Stormy Daniels.

Nevertheless, there has been a surge in online threats as a possible indictment of the former president looms, with some comparing it to January 6 times ten, with guns.

On his own social media platform, Mr Trump posted a scathing, late-night video on Monday attacking the four ongoing criminal investigations into his actions. In the video, he took aim at what he claims to be the “most disgusting witchhunt in the history of our country” as he listed off the four probes and told his followers that he will “stand in their way” of their political “enemies”.


His comments came hours after his ally Robert Costello testified before the grand jury in an attempt to cast doubts on the prosecution’s star witness Michael Cohen.

The grand jury will reconvene on Wednesday to weigh charges against the former president.


As clashes with Trump get nasty, DeSantis polling drops

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ support in a potential Republican presidential primary has dropped to its lowest yet as he faces a torrent of criticism from establishment Republicans for his remarks on Ukraine and attacks from Donald Trump, according to a new poll.

Eric Garcia reports from Washington, DC.

Oliver O’Connell21 March 2023 21:05


Democrats ‘love this dog and pony show we are putting on’

Rightwing commentator Tomi Lahren has decried Republican infighting centred around Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, which this week has taken on a nastier tone.

“So the corrupt Manhattan DA goes after Donald Trump and y’all point the cannons at Ron DeSantis?!” she wrote on Twitter.

“The Democrats are cracking up. They love this dog and pony show we are putting on.”

Oliver O’Connell21 March 2023 20:57


Giuliani mocked over bizarre Cameo nursery thyme clip

Mr Giuliani has been on the video greeting site since August 2021, where users can pay him $325 for a personal message tailored to their requests.


Gustaf Kilander reports on another bizarre moment from the man once referred to as “America’s mayor”.

Oliver O’Connell21 March 2023 20:50


Tuberville: Trump indictment will look like ‘political assassination’

Oliver O’Connell21 March 2023 20:40


Four-year sentence for Capitol rioter who attacked police

A Virginia man who assaulted police with a stolen baton and used a flashing strobe light to disorient officers trying to defend the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 was sentenced Tuesday to more than four years in prison.

Geoffrey Sills of Mechanicsville, Virginia, was convicted of assault with a dangerous weapon, obstruction of Congress and robbery for his role in the violence at the Capitol’s Lower West Terrace tunnel, where police were beaten and crushed as as they tried to beat back the angry mob of President Donald Trump supporters.


The 31-year-old has already served a year and a half behind bars since his June 2021 arrest.

Oliver O’Connell21 March 2023 20:30


Trump’s niece mocks uncle for wanting protests

Oliver O’Connell21 March 2023 20:10


How Trump is fundraising over his own ‘arrest’ prediction

Former president Donald Trump fuelled a media firestorm with his all-caps prediction of his own arrest, a claim apparently based on reports of a looming indictment from a criminal investigation in New York. His own team followed up to clarify that he did not receive any indications from prosecutors that he had yet been charged or would be imminently arrested.

Alex Woodward explains how this was then parlayed into a moneyspinner for his 2024 campaign.


Oliver O’Connell21 March 2023 20:00


Trump’s payoff to a porn actress is ‘ordinary in America’, says Tucker Carlson

In a segment on Monday evening the primetime host spun a narrative about the hush payment Mr Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen made to porn actress Stormy Daniels in 2016, days before the presidential election, which would go on to be classified as an illegal campaign contribution and land Mr Cohen in prison.

John Bowden unpacks what he said.

Oliver O’Connell21 March 2023 19:40


Judge rejects Trump attempts to delay NY AG civil suit against family and company

A judge has declined to move the trial date for a $250m civil lawsuit filed against former President Donald Trump, his eldest children, and his company the Trump Organization, ABC News reports.


The suit was brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James against the family and company alleging that they altered the value of their real estate portfolio to dupe banks and insurers.

Judge Arthur Engoron said there was no need to postpone what he called a “seemingly simple case” of whether Trump’s disclosures to his lenders and insurers, known as statements of financial condition, were accurate or not.

“The issue is whether the statements were false,” Engoron said. “This case is complex, but it is not complicated.”

The trial is still scheduled to start on 2 October.

The Trumps have denied wrongdoing and the former president has said the lawsuit as politically motivated by the New York attorney general.

Ivanka Trump has separately filed for a delay as a defence arguing that she wasn’t responsible for fraudulent financial statements issued by the company will take more time to prepare.

Oliver O’Connell21 March 2023 19:30


Ted Cruz jumps on the indictment fundraising bandwagon

Oliver O’Connell21 March 2023 19:25

Source: Independent

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